Saturday, February 22, 2014

Dinner Music For The Gods - Beautiful and treacherous

Dinner Music For The Gods - Beautiful and treacherous (2014) Independent
Produced by Dinner Music For The Gods
Tracks : 1.Beautiful and treacherous 2.Sofia 3.Kashmir 4.Winterfell 5.Wind through the trees 6.The tower 7.Queenshead 8.Ghost troopers in the sky
3 out of 5

These guys could give Dream Theater a match of virtuoso musicianship, the Las Vegas quartet Dinner Music For The Gods are excellent musicians that could back up Al DiMeola anytime.
I think it´s so cool to play a fusion of 80´s metal and jazzrock with a touch of Flamenco here and there, they even pull off an eccentric cover of Led Zeppelin´s epic "Kashmir".
DMFTG are Darrin Pappa - Guitar, Andy Hellman - Guitar, Jimmy Pappa - Bass and Matt Muntean - Drums. Especially bassist Jimmy Pappa´s fingers are moving up and down the fretboard like a harp player, just amazing.
Fans of Iron Maiden might be rather pleased to hear the entertaining "Ghost troopers in the sky" that sounds like a hybrid of Maiden´s "The trooper" and a filmscore by Ennio Morricone.
Highlights : Queenshead, Beautiful and treacherous, Kashmir

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