Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Factor Hate - The watcher

Factor Hate - The Watcher (2013) Independent
Produced by Factor Hate
Tracks : 1.You´re in the nightmare 2.Raise your hands 3.Wild as the wind 4.The watcher
2 out of 5

I remember all those times in the 80´s when I went to our capital city of Sweden, Stockholm to visit the heavy metal record store Heavy Sound. It was a treat to see the new Japan imports with bands like Teaze, Bow Wow, Gary Moore etc. The guy who owned the store always played records with bands like Accept, Iron Maiden, Loudness and Heavy Load for his customers.
The French heavy metal band Factor Hate sounds like they would´ve been perfect in that store, there´s nothing new under the sun here. Their latest "The watcher" EP is ok and sounds like a mix between Ratt and Picture, unfortunately it´s a poor man´s production which drag it´s overall rating down a little bit.

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