Saturday, February 15, 2014

Goodnight Tonight - Watch the rain

Goodnight Tonight - Watch the rain (2013) Independent
Produced by Mike Brown
Tracks : 1.The only thing I knew 2.Poison 3.Thunderstorm 4.Because of you 5.Lieutenant James 6.Back on my feet again
3 out of 5

The trio of Emily Gambone - Lead Vocals/Guitar, Holly Camp - Bass and Logan McNeal - Drums/Vocals has been playing together since 2008, formerly known as Noize From The Basement with the LP "Bird´s eye view" released in 2011 - these teens deliver their brand new "Watch the rain" EP under their new moniker Goodnight Tonight.
I think it´s a solid EP with a couple of catchy songs like "The only thing I knew" and "Poison", at times they sound a bit like a rocking The Bangles but a more appropriate way to describe Goodnight Tonight is the link to bind together Paramore and Pat Benatar.
1985 meets 2010 so to speak.

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