Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hagel Stone - Where is your god now?

Hagel Stone - Where is your god now? (2013) Sweet Poison Records
Produced by Hagel Stone / Luca Comedi
Tracks : 1.Apocalypse 2.Hunting ground 3.The anvil 4.Razzo rosso 5.Under the ice 6.The avenger 7.Hey, can you tell me? 8.Hagel storm 9.Army of chaos 10.The power of flesh
2,5 out of 5

When the Italian band Hagel Stone look up to their musical heroes, I assume they bring out the records with Manowar and Judas Priest from their collection.
With songs about war, vengeance and metal - it´s easy to draw parallels to the defenders of real metal, Manowar. I think the production is topnotch on Hagel Stone´s new album "Where is your god now?" and I love how clear everything sounds like and still, the music´s heavy.
But I´m no fan of Dario Riz Ricci´s vocal performance, his almost operatic voice gets on my nerves after a while. What the heck, put on your denim and leather and forget about your daily routines for a moment. Hagel Stone´s epic metal is quite cool.

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