Friday, February 28, 2014

InDirections - Clockworks

InDirections - Clockworks (2014) InVogue Records
Produced by InDirections
Tracks : 1.Clockworks 2.Enemies 3.Defiance 4.Surface 5.Reflections 6.Breathless 7.Secrets 8.Throne 9.Illumination 10.Sleepless
3,5 out of 5

So here they are, Dallas based rock band InDirections with their explosive debut album "Clockworks" that will be the album of the week here at Palace of Rock next week.
As a successful recipe combining numetal riffs with popmelodic choruses and on top of all, really aggressive hardcore screamo vocals and atmospheric keyboards.
The production is Godzilla heavy and I love how they touch the elements of electronica, this is a war machine loaded with mindblowing metal that will leave any hardcore fan in awe.
Best track : "Defiance".
Oh and something else, also try their 2012 EP "Through transitions".

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