Thursday, February 20, 2014

Joie de Vivre / Prawn - Split EP

Joie de Vivre / Prawn - Split EP (2014) Topshelf Records
Produced by Mark Gustafson / Prawn
Tracks : 1.Joie de Vivre - Martin Park 2.Joie de Vivre - Tenspopet 3.Joie de Vivre-Good morning Mr.Franklin 4.Prawn - Why you always leave a note 5.Prawn - Fracture
2 out of 5

Topshelf Records is a label that truly are sailing against the strong currents of the sea, they sign and release new emo bands even though the music climate for this genre in 2014 means sudden death.
Their new split EP feature the bands Joie de Vivre from Illinois and Prawn from New Jersey, we get 3 new songs from the quintet Joie de Vivre and 2 new songs from Prawn.
It´s hard to seperate these two bands soundwise, they both perform laid back post-rock flavored emo with an almost fragile sound.
I think it´s a decent split where Prawn´s "Why you always leave a note" stand out a bit more than the rest, both bands have more albums available at bandcamp if I have ignited a spark of interest in you.

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