Friday, February 14, 2014

Kill Ritual - The Eyes of Medusa

Kill Ritual - The Eyes of Medusa (2014) Golden Core Records
Produced by Steven Rice
Tracks : 1.The eyes of Medusa 2.Hair trigger 3.Never get me 4.Ride into the night 5.Weight of the world 6.Writing on the wall 7.Just another sin 8.My little sister 9.Unleashed 10.Agenda 21
4 out of 5

Although I really enjoyed thrashers Kill Ritual´s debut album "The serpentine ritual" from 2012, I must say their follow up "The eyes of Medusa" is even better. This ain´t your average heavy metal album with a load of headbanging songs, there´s thought behind the songstructures and the riffs are mindblowing.
The music isn´t complex in any way but it feels intelligent, this band has truly grown as songwriters if you ask me. The sound on their new album bring thoughts to 80´s metal like Armored Saint and Warrior but also German metallers Rage, there´s only one way to listen to "The eyes of Medusa" and it´s LOUD!
Way to go.

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