Saturday, February 15, 2014

Klem - Ritagli di Tempo

Klem - Ritagli di Tempo (2013) Atomic Stuff Records
Produced by Klem
Tracks : 1.Scacco matto 2.Specchi infranti 3.Quando cogli un fiore 4.Date 5.Mobile classico 6.Poi si fermerá 7.Sfera di cristallo 8.Fluo 9.2 10.Acqua, Terra and Fuoco
3 out of 5

Does rock music in Italian sound like something I can tempt you with? Well, the Italian trio Klem likes to give the listener a ride of groovy rock with a crossover of genres such as pop, funk and punk. Imagine standing in front of a jukebox blender where you can make your own albums if you just pick 3 different albums to create the new record, Klem´s debut album "Ritagle di Tempo" is the result if you mix Alien Ant Farm´s "ANThology", Danko Jones "Sleep is the enemy" and Umberto Tozzi´s "Il Grido".
Since my Italian is lousy, I used google translate for Ritagle di Tempo and google gave me "Clippings of time" but you´re free to correct me.
I kinda enjoy this album where especially the guitarsound is awesome, it´s always cool to hear the use of acoustic and electric guitars in several songs on the album but check out track 9 "2" that is my personal fave.
Other highlights : "Scacco matto", "Specchi infranti".

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