Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Living Dead Lights - Black letters


Living Dead Lights - Black letters (2014) GB Sound Records
Produced by Tom Baker / David Baker / Fred Archambault
Tracks : 1.I´ll be your Frankenstein 2.It´s drowning in my veins 3.This is our evolution 4.Everybody 5.Vacant 6.Follow 7.I´m dead to myself 8.American eyes 9.Johnny 10.Hey stranger 11.Falling down 12.Ghosts and saints
4 out of 5

The international band Living Dead Lights feature members from Japan, Ireland and U.S.A. They sound like they are the road warriors of metal on their new album "Black letters", crank it up and forget about your everyday doings for a while.
In this age of autotune pop, I welcome Living Dead Lights and their hard hitting rock. This is what the kids should do, start a band instead of wanting to be the new Avicii and wave your hands to prerecorded music.
"Black letters" is the real thing, created by human hands and performed by people and not a stiff DJ.
This is what you get if you make a musical soup of Beautiful Creatures, Black Veil Brides and Backyard Babies. Listening to this album makes living so much easier, now where´s that bottle of beer?

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