Sunday, February 2, 2014

Loners Society - King city sessions

Loners Society - King city sessions (2014) Autumn + Colour Records
Produced by Loners Society
Tracks : 1.LaGrange 2.Jersey devil 3.All you need is love 4.Pinstripes 5.Autumn breeze
3 out of 5

Put on your jeans, bring out the guitarcase and head on down the road with a new set of songs for the working class. That´s exactly what Matt Megrue and his friends in Loners Society did and the result became the acoustic live album "King city sessions".
The band deliver both previously released songs as well as new ones on this 5 track EP, the music is a crossover of folk, country and roots rock where singer Matt Megrue stand out as the star. The spotlights are all over this guy where his best performance can be heard in songs such as "All you need is love" and "Autumn breeze".
For fans of Tom Petty, Soul Asylum, Neil Young.

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