Saturday, February 8, 2014

Miracle Master - Tattooed woman

Miracle Master - Tattooed woman (2014) Golden Core Records
Produced by Miracle Master / Axel Heckert
Tracks : 1.Come alive 2.Fly away 3.Stay with me 4.Forgive yourself 5.Miracle master 6.Will to survive 7.Why religion 8.Tattooed woman 9.Highway to heaven 10.Tear down the walls 11.We all touch evil
3,5 out of 5

If you think melodic hard rock combined with modern metal sounds like a winning recipe, then you´re in good hands of Danish/German band Miracle Master and their debut album "Tattooed woman".
This band is rising out of the ashes of hard rockers Pump that teamed up with new singer Oliver Weers with a powerhouse voice that will make Grizzlies turn back.
I bet Ronnie James Dio is smiling on his pedestal in heaven when he hears about Miracle Master, the song "We all touch evil" would make Dio proud.
Best tracks : "Fly away", "Miracle master".
For fans of Jorn Lande, Sebastian Bach, Tainted Nation.

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