Monday, February 24, 2014

Music From Home - Home is where the heart is

Music From Home - Home is where the heart is (2014) Hemifran / Paraply Records
Produced by Peter Holmstedt / Klas Qvist / Joakim Lövgren / Åke Strömberg
Tracks : 1.Pontus Swanberg - Returning home 2.Citizen K - Our town 3.Pelle Johansson - Bring down the clouds 4.A sister or two - Spiders 5.Tobias Bäckstrand - Sometimes we get lost 6.Mick Richard - Please, blame me 7.Klas Bohlin - My bluesy fire 8.Mikael Persson - Home to be 9.Jag Andra - All these passing strangers 10.The Fantastic People - Song of October 11.Mudfish - What you say 12.Ulrik Arturen - Playboy 13.The Stomping Academy - Row 14.Cina Samuelsson - This country girl 15.Rambling Nicholas Heron - I begin to softly cry 16.Filip - You are my home 17.Berra Karlsson - I´m sorry
3,5 out of 5

The previous "Music from home" compilations from Hemifrån / Paraply Records featured European and American artists while the brand new compilation "Home is where the heart is" only contains Swedish artists from the city of Borås.
I like the variety of genres as always with these collections from 70´s pop to country and folk rock.
There are some familiar names on this album like Mikael Persson, Citizen K, The Fantastic People and Ulrik Arturen but also a lot of new bands.
The album opens with some guitar acrobatics from Pontus Swanberg, a short instrumental piece that I dig a lot. A song that grows for each time I hear it, is Mick Richard´s "Please, blame me" where the listener gets a huge dose of Beatles-esque harmonies.
Mikael Persson is a deadringer for David Bowie in his slow and almost haunting "Home to be", a very cool song indeed.
If you close your eyes to The Stomping Academy´s "Row", you will feel the taste of Southern comfort and Banjo playing men from the film "Deliverance".
You can always count on Ulrik Arturen to bring quality to this project, his piano driven "Playboy" bring thoughts to Salem Al Fakir and I couldn´t be more pleased.
Jill Johnson is not the only Swedish woman who knows how to sing country, Cina Samuelsson deliver some mighty fine Dolly Parton-like country music with "This country girl".
If you like Rodriguez´s songs from the documentary "Searching for sugar man", you will dig songs like "I begin to softly cry" by Rambling Nicholas Heron and "Sometimes we get lost" by Tobias Bäckstrand.
Thumbs up!

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