Monday, February 3, 2014

Nameless - Ossimori

Nameless - Ossimori (2014) This Is Core Music
Produced by Josh Luke Lee
Tracks : 1.Intro 2.Prayers do not work 3.Image 4.Sympathetic 5.Souffle 6.Ossimori 7.Explosive cocktail
2 out of 5

There´s one thing that needs a major improvement with Italian metalcore band Nameless and that´s the growling parts by guitarist Alex Zannoni, it sounds more like he´s going to puke instead of hitting those words really aggressive. The clean vocals from bassist Fransesco Bombaci is way better and the chorus of "Prayers do not work" is quite good, another thing I appreciate is the fact that they do work with nuances in the numetal-flavored "Souffle" and the instrumental title track "Ossimori".
The electronic metal of "Explosive cocktail" bring thoughts to In Flames and it´s without doubt the best track here, but it´s not enough to make me satisfied with the entire EP.
An okay debut from a band that has some good raw material to make metal of.

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