Monday, February 24, 2014

ProgressiveXperience - Inspectra

ProgressiveXperience - Inspectra (2013) Sweet Poison Records
Produced by ProgressiveXperience
Tracks : 1.1958 2.Madness off illusion 3.Something like death 4.Velvet sky 5.Inspectra 6.San Fransisco 7.Silent secrets 8.Trial of fear 9.Into abeyance 10.Somewhere in time 11.Black clouds 12.Deafening silence 13.Cellar door 14.The end of a day
2 out of 5

The Italian progrock band ProgressiveXperience are heavily influenced by 70´s prog but added a hi-tech touch to it on their 3rd album "Inspectra", their singer Giovanni Valente left the band for personal reasons during the recordings on the more metal oriented 2nd album "21st century brain damage" but has returned to the band for their new album.
"Inspectra" is a well performed heavy progrock affair but with weak vocals I´m afraid, the production is ok and there are a few good songs like the title track "Inspectra", the slightly epic "San Fransisco" and the acoustic "Black clouds".
At times, they remind of Frameshift which is nice. This would´ve been so much better with better vocals.

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