Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Mugshots - Love, lust and revenge

The Mugshots - Love, lust and revenge (2013) ALKA Record Label
Produced by Dick Wagner
Tracks : 1.Nothing at all 2.Under my skin 3.Curse the moon 4.Free (as I am) 5.Pass the gun around
3 out of 5

This Italian band is not to be confused with the Canadian pop punk Mugshot, there are a couple of interesting facts about The Mugshots that caught my attention like their new EP is produced by legendary guitarplayer Dick Wagner (Alice Cooper).
Dick also played the lead guitar on "Love, lust and revenge".
They have shared the stage with The Stranglers, one of my favorite bands. So there was really nothing to discuss here and just hop on the music straight away, and it´s not everyday you get to hear a new release that sounds like it could´ve been recorded back in 1975.
"Love, lust and revenge" bring thoughts to Alice Cooper´s "Welcome to my nightmare" album, Mott The Hoople and The Spiders from Mars.
I really like their songstructures, especially "Under my skin" and "Curse the moon" but also "Free (as I am) are solid and epic soundscapes.
The only thing missing is perhaps one or two more upbeat tracks.

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