Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Strigas - A poisoned kiss to reality

The Strigas - A poisoned kiss to reality (2014) Southern Brigade Records
Produced by Giuseppe Dentamaro
Tracks : 1.Alone 2.Until you surrender 3.Sorrow queen 4.Falling down 5.Dream again 6.The box 7.Wrong 8.Sweet bitterness 9.No tomorrow 10.Sometimes 11.Waiting for glory 12.Fade away
3,5 out of 5

I guess our young Swedish pop star Yohio wants to be as heavy as The Strigas but his record label says otherwise and the producer turn down the guitars in the mix so the music is fit for Eurovision.
A track like "Until you surrender" sounds like it´s perfect for Yohio but then again, The Strigas is far from the mainstream with their heavy and gothic metal.
I truly dig the orchestral pieces above the dark and beautiful soundscape this Italian band has created, songs like "Falling down" and "Alone" takes the listener into the deep Finnish woods where bands like H.I.M and The Rasmus has taken their inspiration from.
The Strigas flirt with Bon Jovi on "Dream again" but in a more modern way, "A poisoned kiss to reality" is a strong debut from a band that sound more Finnish than Italian.

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