Monday, February 24, 2014

This is your life - Tribute to Ronnie James Dio

"This is your life" is a metal tribute to Ronnie James Dio, featuring several heavy metal legends.
The album will be released on April 1st.
1.Anthrax - Neon knights
2.Tenacious D - The last in line
3.Adrenaline Mob - The mob rules
4.Corey Taylor - Rainbow in the dark
5.Halestorm - Straight through the heart
6.Motorhead with Biff Byford - Starstruck
7.Scorpions - The temple of the king
8.Doro - Egypt
9.Killswitch Engage - Holy diver
10.Glenn Hughes - Catch the rainbow
11.Oni Logan - I
12.Rob Halford - Man on the silver mountain
13.Metallica - Rising medley
14.Dio - This is your life

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