Saturday, February 22, 2014

Unwise - One

Unwise - One (2013) Moonhouse Records
Produced by Unwise
Tracks : 1.Intro 2.R.E.M 3.The vision 4.Safe and sound 5.Cold comfort 6.Madding crowd 7.Place for thoughts 8.Metamorphosis 9.Lulla buy 10.Shades of doubt 11.One way out 12.Zero 13.One
3 out of 5

The Italian band Unwise only feature one guitarist but I guess they need 3 guitarists on stage to be able to perform their debut album "One" live, the orchestration of guitars makes this album quite enjoyable to listen to and it´s also the strong side of "One".
I love that diamond sharp sound and the music is well crafted and highly professional but it would´ve been neat if they worked equally hard on the vocal part, Luca Zontini is a solid singer but the melodies never lift.
However it´s a good album that should appeal to fans of Queensryche (their 90´s era), early Fates Warning and even a tiny part of Rush´s "Vapor trails" album.

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