Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Vestibule - Requiem

Vestibule - Requiem (2013) Independent
Produced by Carlos W. Olivares
Tracks : 1.Open fire 2.Not afraid 3.Requiem 4.Upon collapse 5.Are you with me? 6.What it´s like 7.Feels like heartache 8.Honor 9.If you want it 10.Doesn´t love anymore 11.Mother 12.Light myself on fire
1,5 out of 5

Can you play rock without electric guitar? Of course you can, just listen to Jan Hammer´s Black sheep, U.K´s Danger money or Crash Kings. The Houston based trio Vestibule sure do call their music as alternative rock but I would rather label it as psychedelic synth rock. The band is Tim Austin - Vocals, Jason Schleter - Keyboards and Steven Aparicio-Gomez - Drums.
I am a fan of synth driven rock and really wanted this album to be so much better, but the production screams demo all over it and the drummer should practice a bit harder before laying down the drumtracks the next time. He can´t keep pace with the others I´m afraid.
So what do they sound like? If Gary Numan and Giorgio Moroder partied real hard and recorded an album with a bad hangover, the outcome would be Vestibule.

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