Monday, March 31, 2014

Tonight Alive release new single off Spider-Man 2 soundtrack

Female fronted rock band Tonight Alive´s new single "The edge", from the motion picture "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" is now available on iTunes.

Dallas based Sleeperstar release new single for free

This is the first release of Sleeperstar´s new album called "Lost Machines" which will be out later this year!

Debut single from Australian singer/songwriter Calan Mai

Calan Mai is the stage name of Australian singer/songwriter Jordan Lawrence. At fifteen years of age he won the 2006 Australasian Children's Songwriting Competition for his track entitled 'Before You Depart' and has since been writing, performing and recording.
As a folk singer, Lawrence's primary focus is lyrics - often retrospective, grounded in past events, while showcasing a maturity beyond his years. Having only previously uploaded live videos online, Lawrence has finally released his debut single 'We've Got Love', off his five track EP 'Days On The Rock Face',(out in July 2014) produced & mixed by Adam Lyons.
Listen here:

Pseudo Echo release comeback album Ultraviolet


In 2012 Pseudo Echo celebrated their 30th anniversary by putting on a special concert in March at Melbourne's Crown Casino.
It was a gig not only to be seen but one to remembered, with amazing visuals complete with cheer leaders !

In May of 2012 Brian Canham reunited with former members Darren Danielson & Ben Grayson, along with the addition of a brand new member. The band has now recorded their first album since "Teleporter" from 2000 and it will be released this week.
The comeback album is called "Ultraviolet"

Chiodos - Devil

Chiodos - Devil (2014) Razor and Tie Records
Produced by David Bottrill
Tracks : 1.U.G introduction 2.We´re talking about practice 3.Ole fishlips is dead now 4.Why the munsters matter 5.3 AM 6.Sunny days and hand grenades 7.Duct tape 8.Behvis Bullock 9.Looking for a tornado 10.Expensive conversations in cheap motels 11.I´m awkward and unusual 12.Under your halo 13.I am everything that´s normal
4 out of 5

Original singer Craig Owens and drummer Derrick Frost both left Chiodos in 2009 but has now returned to the band for their 5th album "Devil", which also feature new guitarist Thomas Erak (The Fall of Troy).
This is their first album since "Illuminaudio" from 2010 and also their first for Razor and Tie Records, I must say that "Devil" is their best album so far with a brilliant combo of strong material and the excellent production from David Bottrill.
The music is artsy, dramatic, theatrical, melodic and at times like Moulin Rogue on acid.
I have compared their early work to bands like Circa Survive and Brazil, you can now add bands like Fair To Midland, Monty Are I and My Chemical Romance to that list.
"Devil" is an album that has put a mark on 2014, this one will stand for years to come with it´s epic and biblical sound.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Marmozets announce new single

U.K rockers Marmozets new video of "Why do you hate me?", from their upcoming debut album on Roadrunner Records.

Raise the people with Calling All Cars

Aussie rockers Calling All Cars new album "Raise the people" was released on March 7th, it´s their first album since "Dancing with a dead man" from 2011.
Watch the video of their latest single "Standing in the ocean" here:

Chrissie Hynde not a pretender on the new album

Chrissie Hynde will release her debut solo album 'Stockholm' on June 9th. Pre-Order the album on iTunes and listen to 'Dark Sunglasses' instantly here

Mire - Inward / Outward

Mire - Inward / Outward (2014) Independent
Produced by Mire / J.P Nault
Tracks : 1.Complex 2.Tyrannicide 3.Limitless Pt.1 4.Limitless Pt.2 5.Convolution 6.Beast and the machine 7.Catalan atlas 8.Mantra cymatic 9.Open circle 10.Upheaval
3 out of 5

The status of progrock music from Canada lies on a steady top quality level which isn´t so hard to understand when the climate is so good around new musicians. You grow up to legendary acts such as Rush, I Mother Earth, Saga and Tea Party, not to mention watching newer acts like Alpha Galates, Chair Warriors and We Are The City rise up.
So you start a band, just like Montreal based Mire and focus on the kind of music they want to listen to themselves. They have created a winning formula of suggestive rhythms and intelligent riffs in a modern progmetal package, their debut album "Inward / Outward" grows for each time I hear it and it´s not so strange since I discover new things in the songs all the time.
Do yourself a favor and check out this solid album, you might like it.
Highlights : Tyrannicide, Mantra cymatic, Beast and the machine
For fans of Tool, Karnivool, Ethersens

Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Taking announce a new party anthem with I won´t remember a thing

After the release of their debut album, The Taking took their music and sound to the next level by teaming up with highly acclaimed producer, Jeff Blue (Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Korn, Hoobastank, Aaliyah, Macy Gray, etc). With their combination of driving lyrics, smooth vocals and gut wrenching rhythms, The Taking’s new sound can be compared to Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin and Nine Inch Nails. There is no doubt that with its high energy rock show, road readiness and business oriented professionalism, this band on the rise is a force to be reckoned with throughout the rock community.
Listen to their new singel "I won´t remember a thing" here:

Shatterglass release new single Game Face

Shatterglass was formed in early February 2011, when the guys got together after being in different popular South Florida bands and friends for years. They just wanted to see what kind of music they could create when they combined their talents, little did they know how fast their plans would change! After locking themselves in the recording studio for 3 months with legendary South Florida engineer/producer and friend Paul Trust (Endo, Atom Smash, AL's Not Well, Crease, The Chaos Agent, Enstride, Day Minus 7, Faces of March, Echovalve), the result is a three song EP simply titled "Shatterglass". 
Shatterglass latest single "Game face" is now available on iTunes.

Through hell or dark waters with Enova

The lights converging over the desert sky in Phoenix are not an anomaly... It is ENOVA. A four piece rock band tearing across the atmosphere, leaving connected and enthralled fans in their wake. Their music exists on a plane that draws from several musical genres while never wavering from the backbone of their love of modern, progressive rock.  
Check out their new single "Hell" from their upcoming "Dark waters" EP below:

Arcadia day is here according to Guards of May

Arcadia, the new single from Guards of May, is a massive rollercoaster ride of a track - smacking listeners across the face from the get-go with what is probably Guards of May's hardest riff to date, then taking it down to a marching rhythm and melodies for the verse, then taking it back up to soaring highs for the chorus. Richie Harvey's voice stands tall and proud in this track, from fragile falsetto to laying down a massive chorus.
Listen here:

Join the violent pop revolution with Blind Channel

Blind Channel is a brand new 5-man Violent Pop group from Oulu [FIN], formed year 2013 by Joel Hokka & Joonas Porko. This energetic quintet will blow up in the air the current piece of modern rock with electronic influences. Combining rap vocals, as well as the Nordic intensity, they're ready to shake your ground with their unique Violent Pop music! 
Their new 2 track single "Antipode" is available now, check out the new single "Calling out" below:

The Hold Steady - Teeth dreams

The Hold Steady - Teeth dreams (2014) Washington Square / Razor and Tie Records
Produced by Nick Raskulinecz
Tracks : 1.I hope this whole thing didn´t frighten you 2.Spinners 3.The only thing 4.The ambassador 5.On with the business 6.Big cig 7.Wait a while 8.Runner´s high 9.Almost everything 10.Oaks
3 out of 5

This is what I call road music, get yourself in the car and prepare for a long drive with some perfect music that will make you feel all good inside.
The Hold Steady´s 6th studio album "Teeth dreams" is their first album in 4 years and a safe buy for all fans of this New York based band. They released the single "Criminal fingers" in 2013 but it´s not included on the new album, and it´s just the same with the song "The bear and the maiden fair" that they recorded for season 3 of the TV series Game of thrones last year.
THS deliver 10 brand new tracks on "Teeth dreams" including the new single "Spinners", check out their recent performance of this song at David Letterman and get a dose of mid 70´s classic rock.
Other great songs worth mentioning are "Wait a while" and "On with the business".
Recommended if you like Deaf Havana, Arliss Nancy, Bruce Springsteen.
Keep calm and hold steady.

Cage The Gods - Badlands

Cage The Gods - Badlands (2014) The End Records
Produced by Cage The Gods
Tracks : 1.Favourite sin 2.The ending 3.Sacrifice 4.Badlands 5.Trouble reigns 6.Bruce Willis 7.Falling 8.A thousand times 9.One more taste 10.What´s left of me 11.Promises 12.From the start
3,5 out of 5

A little bit of soul, a little bit of blues and a lot of timeless rock - there you have it. The hot new British act Cage The Gods truly nailed it on their debut album "Badlands", where the members are from all parts of the British islands namely Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England. Cool!
They are influenced by classic bands like Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin and Bon Jovi. Ohyeah, it´s time to play some airguitar again.
CTG released their first "Favourite sin" EP last year and 3 tracks from the 4 song EP are included here, we also get the supermelodic "Falling" and the U2-esque rocker "Promises" which is a highlight. Fans of Little Angels and Toseland are in for a treat here with songs like "Badlands" and "Trouble reigns".
Great album!

Friday, March 28, 2014

The Sky - Majestic

The Sky - Majestic (2014) Skyzilla Records
Produced by Robert Fleischman
Tracks : 1.Breath away 2.Pill 3.One day 4.I need it 5.Take away 6.In my head 7.Little by little 8.One more chance 9.So I´ll wait 10.Poison little fingers 11.Walls 12.Don´t know what I´d do 13.Sincerely me
4 out of 5

Robert Fleischman´s voice age like wine, so many singers struggle hard to keep their voices in shape when they´re getting old but Robert sounds young and he´s singing in a higher pitch on "Majestic" compared to The Sky´s first album from 2011.
There´s a romantic atmosphere over the entire new album even though you´ll find a serious undertone in his lyrics, I do think The Sky´s 2nd album is stronger than their debut which was good too.
"Majestic" sounds more complete and rich, you can of course hear the obvious influences of John Lennon but there´s more added to this musical landscape like James Bond soundtrack vibes and even Jefferson Airplane´s 70´s era.
Robert also takes the listener back to the sound of his first solo album in the AOR-ish "So I´ll wait", songs like "In my head" and "Little by little" bring thoughts to Jeff Lynne while the folkrock-like "Don´t know what I´d do" could´ve been an unreleased song by America.
Fans of the first The Sky album will love tracks such as "Breath away", "Pill" and "One day", to me they´re new Robert Fleischman classics.
I´m amazed.

When dream pop dances - Symbols of the west release EP of remixes

Spirit Canoe from Symbols of the West on Vimeo.
Dream pop duo Symbols of the West released a new EP featuring remixes of three songs from their recent full-length, A Thousand Lights
A Thousand Lights, which was produced by Chris Wonzer and mastered by TJ Lipple (MGMT), was featured on MTV Hive and The Music Ninja. The remixes of “Spirit Canoe,” “Radio Tower,” and “Clarion” were mixed by Tender Buttons, Jamie Way, and Wayne Shockness, respectively. 
Get it here:

Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Bunny The Bear - Food chain

The Bunny The Bear - Food chain (2014) Victory Records
Produced by The Bunny The Bear
Tracks : 1.Food chain 2.The seeds we sow 3.Cancer 4.Pale green eyes 5.So smooth, so appealing 6.A mother´s love 7.First met you 8.Skyscrapers 9.Flying like a bird 10.High tides and swimming conditions 11.Lost
3,5 out of 5

I´m starting to like this band....a lot, The Bunny The Bear´s 5th album "Food chain" is even better than their previous "Stories" that I enjoyed quite a bit.
This year, they not only release a new LP, but also an acoustic EP for the fans. It´s not easy to describe their music but why not go for cinematic deathpop?!
If you put the following albums through a jukebox blender, Owl City´s Ocean eyes, Linkin Park´s A Thousand Suns and I See Stars The End of the world party - you´ll get "Food chain".
This is the beauty and the beast in the same record where my favorite songs are "The seeds we sow", "So smooth, so appealing" and "Skyscrapers".
Well done!

Exclusive premiere - New single from Better than Ezra

The catchy new single “Crazy Lucky” from Better Than Ezra was produced by Grammy nominated mixer/producer Tony Hoffer (Fitz and the Tantrums, M83, Beck, Silversun Pickups) and is now available on iTunes.
Better Than Ezra recently signed to The End Records and this marks the band’s first release since 2009′s Paper Empire. The band has already announced a US tour and will be hitting major markets in support of their full-length album due later this year.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Brave Black Sea - a new band to remember

Brave Black Sea began in Palm Springs, California. A lustrous town, notorious for it’s glitz and glamorous Hollywood past, as well as for it’s blistering, unrelenting desert climate.
With former members of Queens of the Stone Age, Kyuss and Slo Burn, these gentlemen are certainly not strangers to playing uncompromising rock and roll. Nor were they strangers to each other.
They signed to V2 Records and will release their debut album "Fragments" on April 4.

Russian post hardcore band Planara with debut available now

Russia’s brightest alternative metal hope Planara have just released their debut EP Hostiles worldwide on March 24. A cataclysmic 5-track record combining technicality, infectious melody, polished production and electronic influences, Hostiles is a release set to breathe new life into Russian metal.

Meet the new hope of British rock - Cage the gods

Meet Cage The Gods, a British rock band that fuse together RnR culture from the four corners of the UK in a thunderously blues-inspired fashion, laced with soaring Celtic rock vocals, all of which creates something powerful, something unerringly familiar yet instantly gripping. Cage The Gods spent most of 2012 & 2013 writing, producing, recording and mixing Badlands, which is released via The End Records on March 25.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

In Hearts Wake are a band with a commitment to the bigger picture

Australian metal / hardcore outfit In Hearts Wake will release their second album, Earthwalker, via UNFD on May 2, 2014. Earthwalker was recorded in late 2013 at Michigan’s Random Awesome Studios with producer Josh Schroeder. 
Divine’, the anthemic lead single from Earthwalker, premiered on BBC Radio 1 ‘The Rock Show’ on Monday evening to an overwhelmingly positive fan response. 

Terese Taylor deliver a characteristic mix of quiet beauty and poetic lyriciam

San Fransisco artist Terese Taylor infuses her fearlessness into every reverberating track on her new album "At your mercy circuit", due out April 4. The album is Taylor´s first collaboration with Klaus Flouride of The Dead Kennedys, get yourself a free download of the new track "No castle, no moat" here:

Kill Matilda - #Punk #Zombie #Rocknroll

Kill Matilda - #Punk #Zombie #Rockn´roll (2014) Independent
Produced by Mykel Exner
Tracks : 1.Pornegranate 2.I want revenge 3.Zombie apocalypse 4.Law abiding citizen 5.PBJ 6.Geisha with a switchblade (acoustic)
2,5 out of 5

Kill Matilda are a Canadian punkrock trio, fronted by Dusty Exner on guitar/vocals. Their self titled debut album came out in 2009 and the follow up "I want revenge" was released in 2011, the band wanted to give 5 of the songs from the previous album a new chance so they are re-releasing them as the new "#Punk #Zombie #Rocknroll" EP.
This trio´s cockrock sound brought the attention of producer GGGarth Richardson who is working with the band on their upcoming 2014 EP, if you take a slice of The Plasmatics and another slice of Hole and then spice it up with British punkrockers TAT - you´ll get Kill Matilda.
I like their energy and do enjoy bits and pieces, we sure do need this in-your-face punkmusic but I would´ve liked to hear more songs in the same vein as "Law abiding citizen" and "PBJ".
They´re loud, I give them credit for that.

Fuel - Puppet strings

Fuel - Puppet strings (2014) Megaforce Records
Produced by Eddie Wohl
Tracks : 1.Yeah 2.Soul to preach to 3.Hey, Mama 4.Time for me to stop 5.Wander 6.Cold summer 7.I can see the sun 8.Puppet strings 9.Headache 10.What we can never have
3 out of 5

When singer Brett Scallions left Fuel in 2006, he was miserable and needed to get inspiration back for writing music which he did touring with Manzarek and Krieger of The Doors.
Scallions was replaced by Toryn Green (ex.Something To Burn) and Fuel with original members Carl Bell on guitar and Jeff Abercrombie recorded "Angels and devils" in 2007.
Scallions moved on and formed World Fire Brigade in 2009, together with guitarist Andy Anderson, bassist Brad Stewart (ex.Shinedown), keyboardist Eddie Wohl and guitarist Sean Danielsen.
Their debut album "Spreading my wings" was released in 2012 which leads us to Fuel´s 5th studio album "Puppet strings", the funny thing about this album and the previous "Angels and devils" is that both albums feature two different line up´s.
Carl Bell and Jeff Abercrombie left Fuel in 2010, so Scallions took over the name and brought over his friends in World Fire Brigade except Sean Danielsen.
I think "Puppet strings" is a solid album and it´s nice to have Scallions back behind the mic but he needs Carl Bell as much as Carl needed Scallions to make that classic Fuel sound.
Thumbs up for the Ace Frehley-like guitarsolo on "Yeah".
Highlights : Wander, Soul to preach to, Yeah

Sandoval and Araiza´s new single Beggars and thieves available now

Get into the luxuria with Viktoria Haze

Viktoria Haze are a modern electro rock band from Sweden, their debut album "Luxuria" is out now.
For fans of Lambretta, Sara Nunes and Avery.
Watch the video of "Vampire" at:

13 Steps To Nowhere takes their active rock to abnormality

13 Steps To Nowhere is a 5-piece band from Mesa Arizona, dedicated to letting the world know that Rock and Roll "ain't dead yet".
Their debut album "Abnormality" was released on March 7th.

The Pretty Reckless - Going to hell

The Pretty Reckless - Going to hell (2014) Razor and Tie Records
Produced by Kato Khandwala
Tracks : 1.Follow me down 2.Going to hell 3.Heaven knows 4.House on a hill 5.Sweet things 6.Dear sister 7.Absolution 8.Blame me 9.Burn 10.Why you´d bring a shotgun to the party? 11.Fucked up world 12.Waiting for a friend
3,5 out of 5

Taylor Momsen and her songwriting partner/guitarist Ben Phillips are back with their 2nd LP "Going to hell", it´s been 4 long years since their debut album "Light me up" even though The Pretty Reckless released the "Hit me like a man" EP in 2012. What the fans and the real music collectors want, is a full length album and here we are with the mighty fine "Going to hell".
Lyricwise, she´s dealing with catholic guilt and in some moments, I think of Taylor as a modern Patti Smith. Taylor is truly the opposite to Katy Perry and what every guy would love to have as a girlfriend.
She´s a bad-ass, beautiful punkrocker girl that knows how to write a real good rocksong. Just listen to amazing tracks like "Absolution", "Follow me down" or "Heaven knows".
The Pretty Reckless are going from strength to strength.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Shaka Ponk release new album The white pixel ape

The French rock band Shaka Ponk released their new album "The White Pixel Ape" on March 17th, watch the video of the first single "Lucky G1rl" here:

I Divide will be the last one standing

I Divide, tipped as one of the hottest breakthrough artists this year, with a fast paced, raw energy performance that leaves crowds gasping for air and begging for more. Hailing from the dark depths of Exeter, the quintet have stormed on to the music scene with a hard hitting impact over taking many of todays favourite names. 
Their debut album "Last one standing" will be out on April 14th, featuring the single "Follow me".

Australian brother duo Lyon Apprentice stream new single Be careful

Australian brother duo 'Lyon Apprentice' will digitally release their debut EP 'Be Honest, Be Wild, Be Free' worldwide on Friday April 4th through Canvas Sounds. The EP was co-produced by Mark Myers (The Middle East, Emma Louise) and mixed by Catherine Marks (Foals, Death Cab For Cutie), which showcases an impressive debut across the five tracks.
Their melodic brand of indie folk has already been making a strong impression after the release of singles 'Beautiful Thought' and 'I Will Find You' which has now been followed up with their latest offering 'Be Careful'.
Listen to the single here:

Sulene - Holding words back

Sulene - Holding words back (2014) Independent
Produced by Sulene
Tracks : 1.Holding words back 2.Purgatory 3.Worst version of me 4.Lovers lost
3,5 out of 5

The debut EP from New Yorker Sulene is a catchy pop/rock affair with pop punk flavor, Sulene has also released a few EP´s with progressive rock band Helicopria where their latest "Supergeist" is available as free download at:
While her band leans more towards Circa Survive and The Dear Hunter soundwise, her solo music will appeal more to fans of Rachel Farris, Wise Girl and Evarose.
Sulene is a really talented guitarist and I do enjoy her songs as well, I think of these tracks as a fresh c-vitamin injection where "Worst version of me" stand out as the highlight.
The title track is a short instrumental piece so we only get 3 full songs here which is a shame since Sulene shows a great potential.

U.K metallers Icons showing lifesigns

U.K based metalcore band Icons new "Lifesigns" EP is available at:
They are influenced by bands like Parkway Drive, Northlane, Periphery

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Pinnick Gales Pridgen 2 coming in May

dUg Pinnick, Eric Gales and Thomas Pridgen enjoyed the experience of collaborating so much that they headed back into the studio to record a second album of psychedelic blues, hard rock, and progressive soul/R&B together.
PGP 2 will be out on May 23.
1.Every step of the way 
2.It´s not my time to die
3.Psychofunkadelic blues
5.Have you cried?
6.Like you used to do
7.Build it back up
8.The past is the past
10.Where´s my money
11.Down to the bone

Into the open with 21 Octayne

21 OCTAYNE is a new band featuring well-known musicians Hagen Grohe (The Joe Perry Project), Marco Wriedt (Axxis) , Andrew “The Bullet” Lauer ( PAUL GILBERT) and Alex Landenburg (Rhapsody) . After gaining extensive experience in the music business including recording albums and touring worldwide, the time felt right for them to form a new band that embraced their individual styles. From catchy pop/rock songs and ballads to heavy rock: 21 OCTAYNE is a true representation of musical diversity. 
Their debut album "Into the open" will be out May 23rd.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Mach 22 - Sweet talk intervention

Mach 22 - Sweet talk intervention (2014) Independent
Produced by Jeff LaBar
Tracks : 1.Constant denier 2.Go ahead 3.Don´t you give me 4.I´m just a man 5.Stone rose 6.Backslider 7.Made to love 8.Radio 9.One trick pony 10.Nevermind
3,5 out of 5

Now talk about a promising debut from Philly rockers Mach 22, their soulful classic rock has already made Slash a big fan and me too. Frontman Lamont Caldwell is a really great singer and truly the cream of the crop here, his voice is reminiscent of Bernie K (Sound Barrier).
It´s cool to find Sebastian LaBar on guitar (son of Cinderella guitarist Jeff LaBar), his father also produced "Sweet talk intervention" and my guess is that Jeff is very proud of his son and he should be because we´re talking steamin´ rocknroll here.
Mach 22 sounds a bit like if you should blend Tesla with The Answer and spice it up with Mothers Finest´s "Iron age" record.
Highlights : Stone rose, Don´t you give me, Backslider

Friday, March 21, 2014

Gunpowder Gray - Gunpowder Gray

Gunpowder Gray - Gunpowder Gray (2014) Boris Records
Produced by Gunpowder Gray
Tracks : 1.Gunpowder Gray 2.Cummin´ my way 3.Outta sight 4.Under the gun 5.Dancing with death 6.Cut me out 7.Saints
2,5 out of 5

A couple of members from a deathmetal band and a few local punkrockers from Atlanta, Georgia, started Gunpowder Gray with focus on playing 70´s hardrock with traces of blues and heavy metal.
They sound a bit like if Axl Rose would sing with Riot to perform unreleased songs by Blue Cheer.
I don´t mind their non-compromising riffrock and I do believe they rock hard on stage, but it would´ve been neat with a few more stronger choruses because this 7 track EP feels like a maraton of riffs with a neverending verse.
A decent album anyhow and I always appreciate bands that plays by the motto : In rock we trust!

Life On The Sideline - Honesty is a dying breed

Life On The Sideline - Honesty is a dying breed (2014) Take This To Heart Records
Produced by Ryan Moge
Tracks : 1.Wake up 2.Everything I lost 3.Honesty is a dying breed 4.Surround 5.I´m a wreck 6.Drive 7.Artless 8.I´d be nothing 9.Rough draft
3 out of 5

Granby is a small town in Connecticut, USA, with a population of 11,200 but it´s also the hometown for 5 piece band Life On The Sideline.
Influenced by early emo bands like Armor For Sleep and Brand New, their debut full length is a lyrical ride of the ups and downs of life.
You might think this may sound a bit dated but since album releases in this genre are a bit rare these days, I welcome Life On The Sideline and their youthful energy.
While the music gives me a kick like a smoothie, the vocalmelodies on the choruses puts me in an atmosphere of a spa. I don´t fancy the acoustic "Artless" but the rest of the album is very nice.
Highlights : Rough draft, Everything I lost

Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Great Socio - Find the time

The Great Socio - Find the time (2014) Independent
Produced by The Great Socio / Ron DiSilvestro
Tracks : 1.The world´s alive 2.Criminals 3.Let go 4.Paradise 5.Anything everything 6.Vultures
2,5 out of 5

It´s time again for the musical chef to make a soup of all kinds of ingredients so why not go for funk, hip hop, soul and alternative rock this time?
Philadelphia based The Great Socio is on the menu with their jam flavored groove rock, imagine a mix between Mike Patton, RHCP and Fun Lovin´ Criminals and you´ll get their 3rd "Find the time" EP.
I like their cool and relaxed attitude, they sure do get it swingin´ from time to time but the choruses dont grab me. I think "Let go" is a nice song where the chorus is catchy, and it´s a good thing that they bring in the fun in music. That´s important.

Kevin Reeves - Remember to forget

Kevin Reeves - Remember to forget (2014) Independent
Produced by Kevin Reeves / Ian Baird
Tracks : 1.Follow me down 2.Brokenhearted man 3.If it´s real 4.Euphoria 5.Awake and alive 6.Dead charade 7.Plastic man, paper moon 8.Saturnine 9.Way of the world 10.Dying inside
3,5 out of 5

Is it necessary to keep us waiting 8 years for a new record? Kevin Reeves released the mighty fine debut album "It´s about time" in 2006 and in the best Tom Scholz spirit, the sophomore release "Remember to forget" is available now. You might remember it´s usually 8 years between Scholz´s albums with his band Boston.
Back to Kevin Reeves now and his new album, it´s less orchestral oriented but still quite progressive with a touch of 70´s pop. There are moments when my thoughts go to Pink Floyd but with christian rock vibes and even traces of grunge, however fans of Nik Kershaw and The Producers should listen to this well arranged and harmony filled affair.
The 10cc-like "Awake and alive" gets my motor running in no time, expect a huge dose of quality here.
It can´t be healthy to wait until 2022 for the next Kevin Reeves record, give it to us sooner.

Donnie Vie - Goodbye : Enough Z´nuff

Donnie Vie - Goodbye : Enough Z´nuff (2014) Livewire / Cargo Records
Produced by Donnie Vie
Tracks : 1.For now 2.Holly Wood ya 3.These daze 4.You got a hold of me 5.The beast 6.Rainy day 7.You and I 8.Fly high Michelle 9.If I can´t have you 10.There goes my heart 11.New thing 12.Time to let you go 13.Someday 14.Goodbye
2 out of 5

One guitar, one mic and a set of Enuff´Z´nuff songs, recorded live on Donnie Vie´s "Magical history tour" in 2013. That´s one way to sum it up when we look at the new album cover of "Goodbye : Enough´Z´nnuff", and it´s hardly the first time Donnie goes for the stripped down versions of his former band.
In 2007, he released the acoustic album "Extra strength" which was an unplugged version of Enuff´Z´nuff album "Strength" (1991).
He´s truly an underrated songwriter and I really wanted to dig this live album more since we get so many good songs like New thing, Goodbye, Fly high Michelle, Holly Wood ya and If I can´t have you.
But there´s something missing, I think - perhaps a band! It gets a little too naked with just one guitar and it would´ve been neat with just a few songs this way and then the rest with a band to back him up.
But don´t let your head hang down because Donnie will release a new studio album in 2014, called "All in". That´s right, there´s more to come.