Saturday, March 1, 2014

A World Defined - In absence

A World Defined - In absence (2014) Independent
Produced by Kevin Peters
Tracks : 1.June 2.In absence 3.The void 4.Gild the lily 5.Brothers 6.Outro
3 out of 5

Derby, U.K is the home for alternative rock band A World Defined. This quintet takes the alternative route of post hardcore with a layer of delay effects, traces of distorted programmed drums and anthemic riffs. Their new "In absence" EP is definitely a grower that feels a bit average at first, but after a few spins the songs open up like the wings of a Peacock.
Highly recommendable if you like Story of the year, Thrice or The Used. Highlights are "Gild the lily" and the first single "The void".
See the band perform at the Hit the deck festival in April in U.K along with bands like Brand New and The Blackout. Perhaps your new favorite band?
Also available : In this feeling EP (2012).

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