Sunday, March 2, 2014

Above The Underground - Sonder

Above The Underground - Sonder (2014) Independent
Produced by Above The Underground
Tracks : 1.Prologue 2.Return to point pleasant 3.Lavender town syndrome 4.Weathered 5.I was never lost 6.Cheer up 7.Not home 8.Shine 9.Bring me the sun 10.Reprise
3 out of 5

The British pop punk band Above The Underground have a tour coming up in Russia in March, I guess they´re keeping an eye on the situation in Krim regarding the tension between Ukraine and Russia.
Perhaps they could bring out the peace pipe and try to solve something out with music, ATU focus on upbeat pop punk with traces of punkrock and powerpop that is easy to like.
"Sonder" is their first LP and the follow up to the 2012 "Autumns" EP, here we find catchy songs like "Return to point pleasant", "Bring me the sun" and "Not home".
It´s a short record but then again, a bigger reason to listen to it over and over again.
For fans of Alkaline Trio, Man Overboard, The Early November

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