Saturday, March 1, 2014

As It Is - This mind of mine

As It Is - This mind of mine (2014) Independent
Produced by As It is
Tracks : 1.Bitter broken me 2.Horoscopes 3.Can´t save myself 4.Relive this story
3 out of 5

The members of Brighton/Minneapolis band As It Is says their songs are about sadness, then I´d rather be sad than happy because their music is uplifting and makes me feel good inside.
There´s nothing revolutionary about their sound, you´ve heard it before a million times but good songs are good songs and they certainly know how to write singalong choruses.
"This mind of mine" is the follow up to their 2013 debut "Blenheim place" and we sure got one thing in common, I also love John Hughes classic film "The breakfast club" from 1985.
Best track : Horoscopes.
For fans of Taking Back Sunday, Dorm Patrol, Simple Plan.

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