Monday, March 31, 2014

Chiodos - Devil

Chiodos - Devil (2014) Razor and Tie Records
Produced by David Bottrill
Tracks : 1.U.G introduction 2.We´re talking about practice 3.Ole fishlips is dead now 4.Why the munsters matter 5.3 AM 6.Sunny days and hand grenades 7.Duct tape 8.Behvis Bullock 9.Looking for a tornado 10.Expensive conversations in cheap motels 11.I´m awkward and unusual 12.Under your halo 13.I am everything that´s normal
4 out of 5

Original singer Craig Owens and drummer Derrick Frost both left Chiodos in 2009 but has now returned to the band for their 5th album "Devil", which also feature new guitarist Thomas Erak (The Fall of Troy).
This is their first album since "Illuminaudio" from 2010 and also their first for Razor and Tie Records, I must say that "Devil" is their best album so far with a brilliant combo of strong material and the excellent production from David Bottrill.
The music is artsy, dramatic, theatrical, melodic and at times like Moulin Rogue on acid.
I have compared their early work to bands like Circa Survive and Brazil, you can now add bands like Fair To Midland, Monty Are I and My Chemical Romance to that list.
"Devil" is an album that has put a mark on 2014, this one will stand for years to come with it´s epic and biblical sound.

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