Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Comeback Kid - Die knowing

Comeback Kid - Die knowing (2014) Victory Records
Produced by Comeback Kid
Tracks : 1.Die knowing 2.Lower the line 3.Wasted arrows 4.Losing sleep 5.Should know better 6.I depend, I control 7.Somewhere in this miserable... 8.Beyond 9.Unconditional 10.Didn´t even mind 11.Full swing 12.Sink in
3 out of 5

Even though the opening track "Die knowing" on Comeback Kid´s 5th studio album starts with a classic heavy metal riff, their sound has more in common with punk and hardcore but fans of thrashmetal might dig a few tunes too like for example "Somewhere in this miserable...." and the title track of course.
What happens if you mashup Beastie Boys "Fight for your right to party" and Green Jelly´s "Three little pigs", well you get Comeback Kid´s "Should know better". Cool.
Songs like "Wasted arrows" and "Sink in" are nothing less than powerful punkrock anthems, and just like one of the other songtitles, these Canadians go full swing on their new album.
A solid effort, no doubt.

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