Friday, March 21, 2014

Gunpowder Gray - Gunpowder Gray

Gunpowder Gray - Gunpowder Gray (2014) Boris Records
Produced by Gunpowder Gray
Tracks : 1.Gunpowder Gray 2.Cummin´ my way 3.Outta sight 4.Under the gun 5.Dancing with death 6.Cut me out 7.Saints
2,5 out of 5

A couple of members from a deathmetal band and a few local punkrockers from Atlanta, Georgia, started Gunpowder Gray with focus on playing 70´s hardrock with traces of blues and heavy metal.
They sound a bit like if Axl Rose would sing with Riot to perform unreleased songs by Blue Cheer.
I don´t mind their non-compromising riffrock and I do believe they rock hard on stage, but it would´ve been neat with a few more stronger choruses because this 7 track EP feels like a maraton of riffs with a neverending verse.
A decent album anyhow and I always appreciate bands that plays by the motto : In rock we trust!

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