Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hornets - No faith

Hornets - No faith (2014) GWB Records
Produced by Hornets
Tracks : 1.Stay free 2.Advice 3.Jehovah 4.For always 5.Behind me
2,5 out of 5

Welcome to new sounds of the mouth of sandbanks, namely Belfast of Northern Ireland. The hometown for big artists like Gary Moore, Stiff Little Fingers and Van Morrison but also the heavy punk band Hornets.
If Entombed and NOFX had a baby, it would be Hornets new "No faith" EP. They deliver both heavy downtuned riffs as well as fast old school punk with hardcore vocals, I think demonic lullabies feels like a suitable way to describe these songs. I just love the in-your-face bass that opens the 2nd track "Advice", it´s also the best song on this EP.
I´m not really a fan of this type of crossover between genres but I enjoyed some of it.
For fans of Drawers, Jungle Rot, Hatebreed.

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