Saturday, March 22, 2014

Mach 22 - Sweet talk intervention

Mach 22 - Sweet talk intervention (2014) Independent
Produced by Jeff LaBar
Tracks : 1.Constant denier 2.Go ahead 3.Don´t you give me 4.I´m just a man 5.Stone rose 6.Backslider 7.Made to love 8.Radio 9.One trick pony 10.Nevermind
3,5 out of 5

Now talk about a promising debut from Philly rockers Mach 22, their soulful classic rock has already made Slash a big fan and me too. Frontman Lamont Caldwell is a really great singer and truly the cream of the crop here, his voice is reminiscent of Bernie K (Sound Barrier).
It´s cool to find Sebastian LaBar on guitar (son of Cinderella guitarist Jeff LaBar), his father also produced "Sweet talk intervention" and my guess is that Jeff is very proud of his son and he should be because we´re talking steamin´ rocknroll here.
Mach 22 sounds a bit like if you should blend Tesla with The Answer and spice it up with Mothers Finest´s "Iron age" record.
Highlights : Stone rose, Don´t you give me, Backslider

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