Friday, March 7, 2014

Pretty Maids - Louder than ever

Pretty Maids - Louder than ever (2014) Frontiers Records
Produced by Jacob Hansen
Tracks : 1.Deranged 2.Playing god 3.Psycho time bomb planet Earth 4.My soul to take 5.He who never lived 6.Virtual brutality 7.Tortured spirit 8.With these eyes 9.Nuclear boomerang 10.Snakes in Eden 11.Wake me up to the real world 12.A heart without a home
3,5 out of 5

Pretty Maids wanted a new spin to some of their own favorites between 1995-2006 and re-recorded them with their new producer Jacob Hansen along with 5 brand new songs, specially written for this record "Louder than ever".
My first thought was, do these songs from the albums Scream, Anything worth doing is worth overdoing, Planet Panic, Carpe Diem and Wake me up to the real world really need new versions when the original tracks already sound good to me?
Perhaps they should´ve focused on the early albums instead, however I can´t deny that this is a great collection of Pretty Maids melodic heavy metal.
Now if we´re looking at the interesting goods of this new album, the new songs are really good and I truly melt to the melodic gems "My soul to take" and "He who never lived".
Fans of old PM songs like "Back to back" and "Future world", will love the new harder and faster songs "Deranged" and "Nuclear boomerang".
The album ends with the new ballad "A heart without a home" which sits in fine with the rest, 30 years in the business and PM still means quality. I´m glad to say.

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