Monday, March 3, 2014

Reality Grey - Define redemption

Reality Grey - Define redemption (2014) Bakerteam Records
Produced by Reality Grey
Tracks : 1.Ascension lapse 2.Deadlock 3.Rot of nation 4.I despise 5.Equilibrium 6.Departed designs 7.Burn the sky 8.Hypocrisy breeds hatred 9.Define redemption
2,5 out of 5

It´s been 8 years since the Italian band´s debut album "Darkest days are yet to come" but now this death metal bear has woken up and goes full throttle on the sophomore release "Define redemption".
With a sound where you can draw a comparison to early In Flames, At The Gates and even modern metal like Attila. Their strength is also their weakness because when you wait for a moment to catch your breath, Reality Grey continue to unleash their machine gun fire of riffs and growls from a singer that seems insatiable.
The album both opens and closes strong with "Ascension lapse" and the title track "Define redemption", it´s the space inbetween these tracks that I´m not equally fond of.
The album gets a bit monotonous I´m afraid.

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