Friday, March 14, 2014

Somos - Temple of plenty

Somos - Temple of plenty (2014) Tiny Engines Records
Produced by Jesse Cannon / Mike Oettinger
Tracks : 1.Familiar theme 2.Domestic 3.Dead wrong 4.Lives of others 5.When you pass 6.Strangest example 7.Lifeline 8.Distorted vision 9.Before you merge
3 out of 5

I haven´t exactly been impressed the releases from Tiny Engines Records so far but the debut album from Boston based Somos is rather enjoyable. Their alternative post-rock sound has traces of new wave and emo like a mix between The Dangerous Summer, The Jam and even early Police.
But Somos certainly sound more 2014 than 1977, with the exception of "Lives of others" that could be an unreleased song by The Police from "Regatta de blanc".
I´m a sucker for semi clean and distorted guitars, the chords are clear and yet so edgy. A track like "Domestic" bring thoughts to early Biffy Clyro but the rest of the album will appeal more to fans of bands like The Jealous Sound, Movies With Heroes and Daytrader.
Best track : Familiar theme

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