Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Bunny The Bear - Food chain

The Bunny The Bear - Food chain (2014) Victory Records
Produced by The Bunny The Bear
Tracks : 1.Food chain 2.The seeds we sow 3.Cancer 4.Pale green eyes 5.So smooth, so appealing 6.A mother´s love 7.First met you 8.Skyscrapers 9.Flying like a bird 10.High tides and swimming conditions 11.Lost
3,5 out of 5

I´m starting to like this band....a lot, The Bunny The Bear´s 5th album "Food chain" is even better than their previous "Stories" that I enjoyed quite a bit.
This year, they not only release a new LP, but also an acoustic EP for the fans. It´s not easy to describe their music but why not go for cinematic deathpop?!
If you put the following albums through a jukebox blender, Owl City´s Ocean eyes, Linkin Park´s A Thousand Suns and I See Stars The End of the world party - you´ll get "Food chain".
This is the beauty and the beast in the same record where my favorite songs are "The seeds we sow", "So smooth, so appealing" and "Skyscrapers".
Well done!

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