Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Caution Children - Safe crusades / No Judgements / And baby

The Caution Children - Safe crusades / No judgements / And baby (2014) Flannel Gurl Records
Produced by The Caution Children
Tracks : 1.The same thing in three parts 2.Psalms 3.Over under 4.Shouldn´t have used black magic 5.Secret kings 6.Middle missing 7.Moon museum 8.Knowing about bombs 9.Superb lyrebird recording 10.Letter to my child
2,5 out of 5

It´s hard to believe that The Caution Children comes from the sunny Florida, their music sounds like it´s created from people living in a cold and desolated part of the world. I feel the waves of the northern sea in my face, knowing I´m far from the nearest city and instead have to look forward to a week at hard labor. And just like the music on "Safe crusades/No Judgements/And Baby", the moment goes from dead calm to furious stormwinds up here where the arctic waits around the corner.
This band combine ambient sounds with a call of the wild where melodic chordchanges are the main pillars in their songs, their drummer should make Keith Moon proud and put Avicii on anxiety medication.
Imagine Sigur Ros on a warpath, teaming up with At The Drive In to make a soundtrack for "Deadliest catch" and you´ll get The Caution Children.
Is it any good? Well, some.........

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