Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Irrepressibles - Nude : Viscera

The Irrepressibles - Nude : Viscera (2014) Of Naked Design Recordings
Produced by Jamie McDermott
Tracks : 1.Not mine 2.So 3.Raise my soul 4.Now that my lover is dead 5.Pale sweet healing 6.Fucking beautiful 7.Changing times
3,5 out of 5

Jamie McDermott is the mastermind behind The Irrepressibles, an art pop orchestra from the western world.
With several EP´s released and the full length album "Mirror Mirror" in 2010, they´re now highly topical with the Nude EP 3 part series where "Nude : Landscapes" was the first one and this one "Nude : Viscera" is out now.
Whatever you might expect from The Irrepressibles, I tell you, you haven´t heard anything like it before because the sound can be described as a result of a collaboration between Bj√∂rk, Morrissey, Hugh Cornwall of The Stranglers and Fleshquartet.
There are traces of baroque music, new wave, world music and electronica in this wonderful mess.
The Stranglers were close of something similar 35 years ago with songs like "Baroque bordello" and "Golden brown", just listen to tracks like "Raise my soul" or "Pale sweet healing" and be entranced.
Madonna is a fan and they recently worked with Royksopp in the studio, do I need to say more?
The Irrepressibles are touring the states in March, be there or be square.

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