Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Unreleased songs available with Ryan Star

Ryan Star posted 2 unreleased songs, "Red flare" and "Never stop me", recorded during the sessions of his latest album "Angels + Animals" here:

A N G E L S + A N I M A LS showcases the best of Ryan Star’s signature style: honest, stream of consciousness matched with innovative production elements. Influenced by Frank Ocean, The National, James Blake and Bon Iver, the record is distinguished by its raw vocals and sophisticate, genre-blending production choices. Star’s goal was to make listening to A N G E L S + A N I M A LS akin to meeting him for the very first time -- "It's very autobiographical," he says, "I gave only the most raw, most honest version of myself on this record. It's primal in that sense. It starts with an apology and takes us on a man's journey to become his best self for the woman he lives for. We are all a bit angel and a bit animal, we do the best we can." 

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