Thursday, March 6, 2014

Warknife - Amorphous

Warknife - Amorphous (2014) Memorial Records
Produced by Warknife
Tracks : 1.Act 1 : Shapeless birth 2.The infected enigma 3.A bleeding sunset 4.Behold regression 5.A veil fragments 6.Act 2 : Shape shifting 7.Hateseed 8.Ill becomes order 9.Shining Phoenix 10.F.A.I.L
2 out of 5

When the Italian band Warknife started in 2006, they were mainly influenced by extreme metal but through the years they developed their sound and broadened their views to open up for more influences.
So now when their new album "Amorphous" comes out, the listener will find traces of death metal, hardcore and sludge in their sound.
The production is heavy and crystal clear, the band even pull of some serious riffs once in a while but the songs never lift. They´re without doubt great musicians and I do want to like this but when the music doesn´t move me, the album just leaves me empty inside.
For fans of Lamb of God, High on fire, Mastodon.

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