Thursday, April 10, 2014

Interview with Kadawatha

A long time in the making, the anticipated debut album from the sensational rock band Kadawatha will finally be released on iTunes on April 14th.
Whether you call their music fantasy rock, modern artprog or space pop - there´s one thing their fans can agree on, Kadawatha is the most exciting rock band from Scandinavia in a long time.
Palace of Rock just had to find out all the details behind the amazing album "The World of Hypocrisy" with frontman Daniel Kadawatha.

Hi Daniel, I heard you went to the states recently. Vacation or work?
-Hi! It was a mix of both, I did some cowritings and had a couple of meetings with various people in the music business. But I also hung out with some old friends.

You have a unique singing style where you jump between the model voice register and falsetto.
Isn´t it hard to maintain this difficult way of singing on stage?
-It definitely is! Especially when we play a new song that I haven´t had the experience of perform live yet... then I really have to focus. But after a few gigs and lot of rehearsals it usually gets better.
Would be a tragedy if it didn´t.

Kadawatha is also the suburb of Colombo city in Sri Lanka, do you have your roots there?
-I do, I was born in Sri Lanka and adopted to my family here in Sweden. Me and my wife went back to Sri Lanka 2 years ago and found my biological family, which was a very unique and rich experience.

I really love your videos of Gonna stay and Agape. Are you building the world of Kadawatha around mystique and fairytale-like videos?
-Thanks! Some of the older songs are fairytale based narratives, played out in a fictional world....but lately I have been writing "normal" lyrics where I just express my thoughts and feelings as they are.
I don´t reinterpret them into fairytales any more but maybe there will come a time where I´ll do that again.....I don´t just feels right to write normal lyrics at the moment.
The mystical vibe is still present in a lot of my lyrics though.

It´s been almost 4 years since the release of the first EP, why did it take so long to finish the debut album?
-Well, it didn´t long take to produce the album, we started in 2011 and it was done after a year. The reason we didn´t release it straight away was that we wanted to release it on a big label.....and at the time we had many major labels that were very interested, we actually started collaborating with some of them. But in the end it all took so long, and we couldn´t wait anymore so in 2013 we decided to release it ourselves.
And after we made that decision, there was a lot of things to work with, videos, artwork etc....which we had to do ourselves except for Gonna stay, -a video that a group of friends produced.
But now everything is finished and we are ready to get it all out there.

When will "World of hypocrisy" be released?
-It´ll be released digitally on April 14th so it´s very soon.

The production is fantastic, who produced it?
-I am the main producer of the album and the majority of the record is actually recorded in my old apartment, hahaha. But of course the guys in the band have contributed to the production, as well as Henrik Edenhead who mixed it.

Your production company is called Ghost Tunes, do you believe in ghosts?
-Haha! I don´t know. If you think of those who chases pacman, then NO! But who knows what lies beyond the horizon of human understanding and reception...? Maybe not ghosts, but maybe something else. I don´t know.

I believe your debut album is a must for all fans of Muse, Mew and MuteMath.
What artists are you influenced by?
-Hm, I think I´m influenced by a lot of artists...and not only artists but every experience that somehow make an impression on me. I have a lot of different music....everything from Mew, Deftones, Muse, The National, Coldplay, Cult of Luna, Sigur Ros, Radiohead, Mute Math and many many more.
The style of genre doesn´t really matter, everything that touches me and make an imprint is interesting. Oh, I love scoring music as well.....Hans Zimmer, John Williams....I think I´m influenced by everything really. Hahaha.

The new Land of Moon EP contains 2 non album tracks, Sunchaser and World of hypocrisy.
I know you recorded almost 20 tracks for the album so will there be more non album tracks saved for b-sides?
-We have some songs left for b-sides but we haven´t planned on when or if we shall release them.

In 2008, I heard the demo of one of your first songs, Bloom now bloom, that you recorded yourself.
Is guitar your main instrument?
-I guess so, it was the first instrument I started playing. But in highschool I played a lot of drums as well.
And as I´ve been producing music ever since highscool I´ve gotten to learn to play more instruments along the way.

If you got the offer of recording a cover for a Tim Burton film. Would you accept it and if so,
what cover would you choose?
-Very interesting question! I would definitely do it but I´m not sure which song I´d do....maybe Machine by Frida Sundemo or Gobbledigook by Sigur Ros.

There has been a lot of criticism towards Spotify for the small payments to the artists,
what is your thoughts regarding a streaming music service like Spotify?
-I think it´s a great thing because you can get your music distributed worldwide in a heartbeat, without having a label. But of course it would be great if the artist gets a fair share of the income and hopefully that aspect will improve in time.

Finally, do the fans have any shows to look forward to in 2014?
-We are right in the middle of the booking process, and yet we have only one show booked, but more will come. The one that is booked will be at Sticky Fingers topfloor, May 31st.
I´m sure we´ll have some summershows booked very soon too. You´ll just have to stay tuned.

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