Thursday, April 10, 2014

Kadawatha - The World of Hypocrisy

Kadawatha - The World of Hypocrisy (2014) Independent
Produced by Kadawatha
Tracks : 1.Android of the sandstorm 2.The revolutionary 3.Whitest tiger 4.Gonna stay 5.Just to say that I love you 6.Agape 7.The Mana 8.Crises too 9.Cleona 10.Cure my lonely heart
5 out of 5

When I look at all the songs that didn´t make it on Kadawatha´s debut album, I come to think about Real Madrid´s bench. Those players are just as good as the ones on the field, it´s the same with "The world of hypocrisy". I´ve heard all the pre-album demos and the following titles could easily make a strong debut album too : Monster in the box, Grace where are you, Valor the lion, Bloom now bloom, The Fallout, Ranger, The Machine, Dream and Dreamers, The World of Hypocrisy, Sunchaser.
A couple of them are featured on the free "Land of moon" EP, also available on Spotify but let´s hope the rest will end up on the follow up.
However, let´s focus on the actual debut album now that contains 10 stunning pop/rock songs that will appeal to fans of several genres such as artrock, progpop and dreamlike music in general.
If there´s any justice in the world, Kadawatha should be the next big thing because I haven´t heard such talent since Muse or Biffy Clyro.
Watch the videos of "Agape" and "Gonna stay", if you want to see and hear something extraordinary.
I get new favorites all the time with "Whitest tiger" and "Crises too" being the first ones but now I´m totally in awe for "Cure my lonely heart" and "The revolutionary".
The greatest album of 2014? Could be!

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