Friday, April 11, 2014

Rocknroll spitfire Anna Rose post new video

Anna Rose's critically acclaimed sophomore CD "Behold a pale horse" is full of seventies inspired, real rock and roll tunes that vacillate between the straight ahead blues tinged rockers (in the style of Little Feat, The Stooges and The Rolling Stones) and haunting piano ballads that recall Tori Amos and Carole King. 
Rose is a rare breed: graceful yet forceful, always in command. Whether she’s shredding licks straight out of rock and roll’s heyday or dialing it down for the kind of direct pop song that wins over the masses today, she’s always authentically herself, always soulful. 
In 2014, Anna Rose brings her soulful, visceral sound to select parts of the US. Don’t miss it – she might be diminutive standing there on stage, but she puts on a hell of a live show.
Her latest video "Los Angeles" is not to be missed.

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