Saturday, April 12, 2014

Scarlett Rabe - Scarlett

Scarlett Rabe - Scarlett (2014) SL8 Records
Produced by Scarlett Rabe
Tracks : 1.Fight for this 2.Unconditional 3.Top down, baby 4.Hitchhiker heart 5.Free fall 6.Battle cry 7.Live before I die
3 out of 5

Scarlett´s parents wanted her to grow up to be a classical pianist when she was young so they didn´t let her listen to radio, they considered music like Beatles and Rolling Stones as a worldly distraction when Scarlett practiced Beethoven.
So, she discovered artists like Elton John, Tori Amos and Joni Mitchell at an older age and by then, she knew rockmusic felt more like home than classical music.
Critics have already compared her to Florence and The Machine but I think she´s better, her debut EP is very passionate where the hitsingle "Battle cry" stand out as something extra.
But I also love the catchy "Unconditional" that feels like it´s handmade for radio, I´m pretty sure her parents are proud of their daughter because she´s already a star even if Scarlett won´t be performing at Carnegie Hall.
For fans of Amanda Meir, IAMEVE, Bets

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