Saturday, April 12, 2014

Smash it!

Don´t fix it, it it´s not broken, SMASH IT!
Just going through some numbers here at Palace of Rock and noticed my blog has reached 980,591 views.....woah, close to a million now. Unbelievable!
Plus I´ve done 5650 reviews and counting.......phew! But I´ve also been doing this since 2001. 13 years now on my CV.
Let´s list those top albums of 2014 so far, I´m guessing there will be a few more added when the year comes to an end. I still believe in new great music to come.

Top albums 2014.
1.Simple Minds - Big Music
2.Kadawatha - The world of hypocrisy
3.Winger - Better days comin´
4.A.C.T - Circus pandemonium
5.Foo Fighters - Sonic highways
6.Voyager - V
7.Starset - Transmissions
8.Vega - Stereo Messiah
9.MoeTar - Entropy of the century
10.Distorted Harmony - Chain reaction

11.Michael Paynter - Weary stars
12.Nothing More - Nothing More
13.Pinnick Gales Pridgen - PGP 2
14.Ace Frehley - Space invader
15.Carpark North - Phoenix
16.The Spiritual Machines - Volunteer
17.Badger - Time will tell
18.Pink Floyd - The endless river
19.AC/DC - Rock or bust
20.The Sky - Majestic

Expect reviews of new albums from Sebastian Bach, Emmure, Super Massive Black Holes and Buffalo Killers in due time.
There you go, have a great day and don´t forget to rock hard.

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