Sunday, April 13, 2014

SycAmour´s EP gets a re-release on Hopeless Records

Hopeless Records are thrilled to announce their newest signing, SycAmour! Composed of vocalists Jeremy Gilmore and Tony Sugent, guitarist Zack Ferrell, bassist Charlie McCormick, and drummer Victor Yousof, SycAmour met while residing in the same Ann Arbor, Michigan neighborhood.
The band’s Hopeless Records debut EP, Obscure: La Deuxième is a deluxe re-release of SycAmour’s Obscure EP featuring two, brand new singles ‘Renaissance’ and ‘Bathsheba’ as well as the band’s renowned cover of Adele’s, ‘Set Fire to the Rain’. The collection of songs were recorded with producer Johnny Franck and written “loudly, in a cold, dark room, detached from any home.”
Stream the album here:

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