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The Babys - I´ll have some of that

The Babys - I´ll have some of that (2014) Independent
Produced by Tony Brock
Tracks : 1.Every side of you 2.All I wanna do 3.Sunrise goodbye 4.After midnight 5.I see you there 6.Grass is greener 7.These days 8.Uncivil war 9.You saved my life 10.It´s a gas 11.Stay the night 12.I´ll have some of that 13.When life goes right 14.Not ready to say goodbye
3,5 out of 5

What do you say about this unexpected comeback? "I´ll have some of that" is the first album in 34 years from The Babys, a classic AOR band that released 5 albums between 1976-1980.
This time around, they are rocking without original frontman John Waite which seems like a stupid thing to do but let me tell you, it works.
And by the way, John Waite gave his permission to Wally and Tony for putting The Babys back together again.
New lead singer John Bisaha do fill Waite´s shoes in a respectable way, his singing even reminds a bit of Waite without being a copy. Original members Wally Stocker and Tony Brock also recruited guitarist Joey Sykes for the Mk 3 version of The Babys, the bass parts on the album are handled by Phil Soussan (Ozzy) and Dustin Morgan.
So what have these babys done after the split in 1980? Well, it´s no secret that Waite became a popular solo artist with the smash hit "Missing you" and Jonathan Cain entered the rockstar throne as a member of Journey.
Ricky Phillips formed Bad English with Waite and Cain in the late 80´s but is now a member of Styx.
Wally Stocker and Tony Brock were both touring members with Rod Stewart, not to mention that Brock also co-wrote the song "It won´t be you" (the b-side of Steve Perry´s single Missing you").
So is this album any good then? Yeah, it truly is. I´d like the way how they re-created the sound of their early albums in the late 70´s but perhaps more rocknroll a la Free than AOR but I don´t mind.
You get a lot of flashbacks in the first single "Not ready to say goodbye", I guess it´s ok to steal from yourself. Anyhow, sit back, relax and enjoy some good time rocknroll.
Highlights : Every side of you, I see you there, It´s a gas

Mk 1 (1976-1979) : John Waite - Lead Vocals/Bass, Wally Stocker - Guitars, Tony Brock - Drums, Michael Corby - Keyboards
Mk 2 (1979-1981) : John Waite - Lead Vocals, Wally Stocker - Guitars, Tony Brock - Drums, Jonathan Cain - Keyboards, Ricky Phillips - Bass
Mk 3 (2013-current) : Wally Stocker - Guitars, Tony Brock - Drums, John Bisaha - Lead Vocals/Bass, Joey Sykes - Guitars

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