Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Irrepressibles - Nude : Forbidden

The Irrepressibles - Nude : Forbidden (2014) Of Naked Design Recordings
Produced by Jamie McDermott
Tracks : 1.Forbidden 2.Arrow (ghosting season remix) 3.New world (iamamiwhoami remix) 4.Edge of now 5.Arrow (LUKAS remix) 6.Forbidden (ghosting season remix) 7.The state of it all
2,5 out of 5

"Forbidden" is the 3rd and final EP in the Nude trilogy from London based The Irrepressibles, I found the previous "Viscera" EP very pleasant and unique with a soundscape of baroque pop.
Apparently, all 3 EP´s are different from eachother where the first was minimal symphonic and acoustic and this one mainly an electronic affair.
We get 3 new songs in "Forbidden", "Edge of now" and "The state of it all", while the others are remixes of "Arrow" and "New world" from their Nude album (2012).
I´m not equally impressed by their latest EP as I was with the 2nd one, then again I never was so much of a fan of artists like Moby and R√∂yksopp but if you are - there are goodies to be found here.
Best tracks : Forbidden, Arrow

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