Monday, April 21, 2014

Veridia - Inseperable

Veridia - Inseperable (2014) Word Entertainment
Produced by Veridia
Tracks : 1.We are the brave 2.Disconnected 3.Furious love 4.Mechanical planet 5.Mystery of the invisible
3,5 out of 5

So it´s trendy to blend dubstep with rock, I´m thinking of bands like Nero, Muse and Killbot. When Nero and Killbot leans more towards dubstep, you will only hear traces of it in Muse´s progressive rock. Just like the female fronted Veridia from Nashville, their debut "Inseperable" EP is a heavyweight electro rock affair with radio ready choruses.
But if you add a flavor of the orchestral rock of Skillet with the dubstep of Skrillex, you´re gonna get the song "Disconnected".
Another song like "Furious love" bring thoughts to Carpark North, perfect for the mixtape.
Overall a great EP from a promising band.
For fans of Reabo, Sonic Boom Six, Carpark North

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