Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Verskotzi - Lemon heart

Verskotzi - Lemon heart (2013) Princess Records
Produced by Izaac Burkhart
Tracks : 1.Luck 2.Brain rack 3.Heartless songs 4.8th st. train 5.Burnt yuppies 6.Honey 7.Blue 8.The flying piano 9.Abandoned love 10.Diamond ring
3 out of 5

Princess records is a cool label behind nice releases from bands like The Farewell Circuit, The Small Cities and now they have also signed Minneapolis based artist Verskotzi.
Joey Verskotzi makes quirky, indie pop/rock that has a lot of common with R.E.M but also contemporary songwriters such as Bleu and Evan Frankfort. His debut "Lessons learned" EP (2011) was a good start with beautiful songs in the same vein as Copeland and Sherwood but the new album is more electric and artsy.
The first half of "Lemon heart" is stronger than the second half, I find myself really diggin´ to tunes like "Luck" and "Heartless songs".
Recommendable if you like Gabriel The Marine, Death Cab For Cutie, Melodine

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