Sunday, May 18, 2014

Night Ranger - High Road

Night Ranger - High Road (2014) Frontiers Records
Produced by Night Ranger
Tracks : 1.High road 2.Knock knock never stop 3.Rollin´ on 4.Don´t live here anymore 5.I´m coming home 6.X Generation 7.Only for you only 8.Hang on 9.St.Bartholomews 10.Brother 11.L.A no name
3,5 out of 5

With the same line up as on their previous album "Somewhere in California" (2011), Jack Blades - Lead Vocals/Bass, Brad Gillis - Guitar, Kelly Keagy - Lead Vocals/Drums, Joel Hoekstra - Guitar and Eric Levy - Keyboards, release their 11th studio album "High road" in June.
And from what I´ve heard from my friends who visited Frontiers Rock Festival in May, Night Ranger blew everybody away.
I thought their latest album was good enough to end up on my Top album list of 2011, the identity crisis the band on "Hole in the sun" from 2007 was completely gone and instead the fans got a classic Night Ranger album.
Jack Blades and Co are smart enough to not make the same mistake again so they continue to deliver a really great melodic rock album in the same vein as their early albums "Dawn Patrol" and "Midnight madness".
They offer a Sister Christian-like ballad with "Only for you only", perfect rockers for the stage with "High road" and "Knock knock never stop" not to mention the explosive "Rollin´ on" that could´ve been an unreleased Damn Yankees song.
The new album might not reach the same level as "Somewhere in California" but it´s still a great album and must in your Night Ranger collection.

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