Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Shortcuts : Gold Star , Viktoria Haze , The Zero Sum

Gold Star - Dark days (2014)
"Dark days" is the debut album from Los Angeles based Gold Star, featuring singer/songwriter Marion Rabenreiter. With a collection of 11 songs written over the last two years, and music that sounds like it comes from the same neighborhood as The Verve, Chris Isaak and even Oasis in some moments.
Marion´s songs are melancholic but they also feel sincere and sounds like they´re perfect for a David Lynch film. I like how he puts on his The Rolling Stones costume on the more rocking "The line", but the best track is "Sadie" that would make Richard Ashcroft proud to have his name as the composer.
3 out of 5

Viktoria Haze - Luxuria (2014)
Are you a sucker for hard pop and it doesn´t hurt if it´s produced in Sweden too? Then, the female fronted Viktoria Haze´s debut EP "Luxuria" is the answer to your prayers.
With an edgy electro rock-flavored sound that bring thoughts to artists like Lambretta, Sara Nunes and Avery. Viktoria Haze sure knows how to rock and deliver hit oriented songs like "Vampire", the new wave-like "Bittersweet" and "Living the dream".
Especially the strong "Killing floor" bring out the best in singer Linda, and I´m pretty sure guitarist Patrick has Ace Frehley of Kiss as his hero. Just listen to the solo in "Vampire".
3 out of 5

The Zero Sum - Dissident (2014)
Omaha, Nebraska is home for industrial rock band The Zero Sum. They have taken their influences from numetal as well as gothic rock, their debut album "Dissident" is well produced and do feels a bit retro in songs like "This whole damn world" and "Live forever".
Thumbs up for the fat synthesizer in the chorus of "This hell", and if the vocal part is a bit weak in "Live forever", it sure sounds amazing in "Return" where the chorus rocks big time in the best Linkin Park style.
What a great album.
For fans of Orgy, Godhead, Pitchshifter
3,5 out of 5

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