Monday, May 19, 2014

Tesla - Simplicity

Tesla - Simplicity (2014) Frontiers Records
Produced by Tom Zutaut / Tesla
Tracks : 1.MP3 2.Ricochet 3.Rise and fall 4.So divine 5.Cross my heart 6.Honestly 7.Flip side 8.Other than me 9.Break of dawn 10.Burnout to fade 11.Life is a river 12.Sympathy 13.Time bomb 14.´Til that day
2 out of 5

Perhaps there´s a reason to why Tesla has only come up with 7 all original studio albums in almost 30 years, I´m not counting covers albums or their acoustic work. When I listen to their new album "Simplicity", I get the feeling these are leftovers from their past albums but I´m sure they´re not. But I´m very disappointed with these 14 new tracks that are in no way as good as their latest album "Forever more" from 2008.
6 years of writing songs and this is all the band could give birth to? First, they can give "Cross my heart" back to The Black Crowes, it sounds more like Chris Robinson and Co than Tesla.
Secondly, where´s the passion in Jeff Keith´s vocal performance? He sounds uninspired.
There´s a cool riff in the opening track "MP3" with a talkbox, you might remember this guitar effect in Nazareth´s classic "Hair of the dog" or Bon Jovi´s "Livin´ on a prayer".
I find it hard to believe that any of these songs will still remain in Tesla setlists during shows within 5 years from now.

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