Monday, June 30, 2014

Doorstep Volume One compilation available for free

The British record label Rose Coloured Records have released a compilation of alternative rock bands from U.K, "Doorstep volume one" is available for free (or name your price) at:

Shortcuts : Mesa Jane , Perry Project , Cosmic Punch

Mesa Jane - Level (2014)
Melissa Olivieri aka Mesa Jane gives the listener a proper journey of indie pop and 80´s synth, this Philadelphia based artist debuted with "Spandex heart" in 2012 and this summer she will release her 2nd album "Level".
It´s a good album with a warm sound, you can tell she´s influenced by artists like Lana Del Ray, Regina Spektor and Stevie Nicks.
I get a few favorites right away such as "Haunt you", "Don´t stop" and "I won´t take it anymore", but this 11 track album is even all the way through making it a real pleasant time to sit back and enjoy it.
Please note, this ain´t the real artwork.
Recommendable if you like Kodacrome, Kim Wilde, Clementine and The Galaxy
3 out of 5

Perry Project - Can´t steal soul (2014)
Tracy Perry formed Perry Project on myspace in 2007, to seek out other musicians and to form a band.
The debut album "Can´t steal soul" has been a work in progress for over 10 years and Tracy has a lot of personal experiences to pull from.
The album features Tracy Perry - Lead Vocals/Guitar, Davide Raso - Guitar/Production, Owen Sartori - Bass, Alexander Young - Drums and Jordyn Christianson - Backing Vocals.
Soundwise, the music is a mix of singer/songwriter and melodic melancholic rock. Imagine Soul Asylum meets Morten Harket with a touch of Glasvegas and you´ll get "Can´t steal soul".
Tracy has a tender and beautiful voice that suits his songs perfect, I really like this album a lot where songs like "Safety signs", "It haunts you" and "Sailing reality" stand out.
3,5 out of 5

Cosmic Punch - F.M. Stereo (2014)
The two songwriters Juan Gonzalez and Ryan Michalski got together to make an album that will salute the classic rock sound of the 60´s and 70´s where bands like The Beatles, E.L.O, Queen, Boston and The Beach Boys are top of the list.
Juan is best known for producing death metal records and Ryan is known for his musical projects, together they are Cosmic Punch with the suitable album title "F.M. Stereo".
I give them credit for trying to re-create the vocal oriented sound of the 70´s but the songs just doesn´t hold, there are some good moments like "How do I" and the Weezer-like "International nerd holiday".
If you think a 2nd division The Cars sounds like your cup of tea, then you should absolutely listen to Cosmic Punch. The album´s ok I guess.
2,5 out of 5

Starset - Transmissions

Starset - Transmissions (2014) Razor and Tie Records
Produced by Rob Graves
Tracks : 1.First light 2.Down with the fallen 3.Halo 4.Carnivore 5.Telescope 6.It has begun 7.My demons 8.Antigravity 9.Dark on me 10.Let it die 11.The future is now 12.Point of no return 13.Rise and fall 14.Let it die (remix)
4,5 out of 5

Starset is a rock band from Ohio, formed by Dustin Bates (formerly the lead singer of Downplay).
In 2013, Dustin was contacted by an organization called The Starset Society and was asked if he was interested in forming a band to promote the organization´s message.
The message is warning that involves a scientific discovery that is controlled and manipulated by an elite few, "Transmissions" begs more questions than it actually answers.
Behind this cinematic rock album are also the renowned Rob Graves (Red) - production and Ben Grosse (Fuel) - the mix. This team has created an epic journey of modern sci-fi rock that goes in the same vein as Thirty Seconds To Mars, Les Friction and Red.
Starset is like the Transformers of rock, an unstoppable force that is totally irresistable. With amazing songs like "Halo", "Carnivore", "My demons" and "Telescope" - there´s only one thing to do, roll out the red carpet to stardom.
Transmissions received.

Phillip Fox Band and their heartland

Ohio quartet Phillip Fox Band will soon be their debut full length album Heartland on September 2nd, they have truly carved out their own sound that is best described as ‘Country-Fried Rock N’ Roll’
From the tenacity of “I Ain’t Angry” and “Nothin’ Worse Than Weak” to the down-home feeling of “Heartland”, Phillip Fox Band have crafted an album that is full of hope, loss, love and the truth.
In early 2013, the band began pre-production for what would become their debut full length album Heartland.  Taking several off-days and setting up a mobile studio wherever they could, the band narrowed their ever growing song list down to 20 songs and performed three shows where they gave their fans the opportunity to vote on which songs they wanted to hear on the record.  “We took that feedback along with the pre-pro tracks and sat down with Joe Viers (Dr. John, Eric Clapton, Bobaflex) to talk through the project.  We had recorded the Motor City Blood EP (released in 2012) with Joe at Sonic Lounge and developed a really good rhythm.  Plus Joe has been soaking in roots rock for a long time so it was a really natural fit to bring  him on earlier in the process as more of a co-producer” says Fox. 
Listen to music here:

Dog Fashion Disco announce first studio album in 8 years

Rockville, MD hard rockers Dog Fashion Disco is embarking on their first headlining U.S. tour in 8 years in May-June 2014 with dates booked coast to coast.  Supporting the tour will be Psychostick and Bunny Bear.  DFD will also be playing 2 already sold out shows in London in early September.  The America F*ck Yeah tour kicks off on May 29th in Amityville, NY.
Dog Fashion Disco was formed in 1995 by high school friends in Rockville, Maryland.  After releasing a few albums on a very small DIY label, DFD was picked up by Spitfire records in 2000 and dropped their first wide release "Anarchists of Good Taste" to critical praise later that year.  After releasing a sophomore album "Committed to a Bright Future" in 2003 and their masterpiece "Adultery" in 2006, road weary and frustrated, DFD members felt they were spinning their wheels and decided to call it quits in 2007.  Since disbanding, DFD still performed sold out reunion shows in Baltimore every few years, with fans traveling from all over the world to attend. In late 2013 the band decided to reform and reignite the beast that was missed by thousands of fans around the world.
A new CD is on the horizon for this summer so stay tuned for SWEET NOTHINGS, release date : July 22nd, the first studio album in 8 years.
Check out the lyric video for "We aren´t the world" from the new album here:

Lenny Kravitz release 10th studio album in September

Lenny Kravitz has announced the release of his 10th studio album "Strut" on Sept 23rd, listen to the first single "The Chamber" below. The song bring thoughts to Jean Beauvoir meets Seal.

Robert Plant with his lullaby and the ceaseless roar

Legendary rock singer Robert Plant will release his 10th solo album "Lullaby and the ceaseless roar" on Sept 9th.
Listen to the new song "Rainbow" at:

German rockers Segard release new album in September

German hard rock band Segard will release their new album "Karma" on Sept 12th, listen to the first single "Hut ab" here:

Progressive metal band I, Omega release new album this summer

I, Omega is a progressive metal quintet from the Los Angeles area, dead set on creating a sound that is bold and unique, as well as easily digestible. Shredding guitars with fast, upbeat drumming, beefy bass lines, and vocals ranging from angelic to devilish, all with a punk rock attitude. Their sound is heavy and complex, but also leaves room for rhythmic grooves and catchy choruses. I, Omega’s music conjures up emotions crossing the spectrum of the listener’s scope, from menacing and technical wizardry, to tasteful and subtle harmony that’s sure to sway even the harshest of listeners. I, Omega is here to make a difference and defend the right to be different.
Their new album "Transients" will be out on July 15th, listen to the first single "Shuddering at calm seas" here:

Sunday, June 29, 2014

I Am Giant announce new album Science and survival

Forming in New Zealand in 2008, melodic alternative rockers I Am Giant rose out of the ashes of more metal-leaning act Blindspott, who broke up for a short time in 2007. Former Blindspott drummer Shelton Woolright linked up with bassist Paul Matthews, guitarist Max O'Donnell, and British vocalist Ed Martin to explore a sound less metal and more geared toward alternative rock. I Am Giant worked for a long time toward their 2011 debut full-length, The Horrifying Truth, which became a huge hit for the band, reaching gold-selling status and charting worldwide. The album was bookended with EP releases, including 2010's City Limits/Neon Sunrise and 2012's self-titled EP. The band eventually relocated to London. O'Donnell left I Am Giant in 2010, leaving them with a string of rotating replacement guitarists, including Aja Timu, Andrew Kerr, and Michael Triponel. In 2013, work began on a sophomore album, with producer Forrester Savell, who worked on The Horrifying Truth, again behind the mixing board.
I Am Giant´s new album "Science and survival" will be out in July, their latest single "Transmission" is out now on iTunes.

Breakaway post new video and give away EP for free

BREAKAWAY is a 5-piece, Sydney-based rock band formed in 2012. Since the band’s formation they have released their debut EP ‘One Minute | One Moment’ recorded by Dave Petrovic at Electric Sun Studios (Tonight Alive, Heroes For Hire, Pop Goes Punk) which has seen over 10000 downloads, released two music videos collectively gaining over 50000 views and received national recognition with the success of radio airplay. Their latest single ‘At the World’s End’ saw heightened success with TV airplay on RAGE, an addition into MTV’s Most Wanted music video playlist as well as being featured as a ‘Free Song of the Day’ on Purevolume.
Download the EP for free at:

Watch the video of their latest single "Invincible" here:

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Lilac Daze - Sedated

Lilac Daze - Sedated (2014) Black Numbers Records
Produced by Lilac Daze
Tracks : 1.Frederic Rock City 2.Fountain and medicine 3.Life scout 4.Kathleen 5.Porcelain god 6.Knives
2,5 out of 5

I´ve done reviews of some cool releases from Black Numbers Records such as The Here and Now, Banquets and Airliss Nancy.
This time around I received the latest release from Maryland based trio Lilac Daze, "Sedated" is their 3rd EP and I can´t say I´m too thrilled over the artwork here. It looks homemade but fortunately, the music is better than the album cover.
Ok, I don´t get any goosebumps but they´re quite charming with their crossover of 70´s punk and powerpop. Especially the first two tracks "Frederic rock city" and "Fountain and medicine" are really nice. If Kurt Cobain would still be alive, he´d be a fan of Lilac Daze.
For fans of Pixies, Weezer, Field Music.

Game Over - Burst into the quiet

Game Over - Burst into the quiet (2014) Scarlet Records
Produced by Simone Mularoni
Tracks : 1.Masters of control 2.Seven doors to hell 3.The eyes of the mad gardner 4.C.H.U.C.K 5.No more 6.Metropolis Part 3 7.Trapped inside your mind 8.Nuke ´em high 9.Burst into the quiet
2,5 out of 5

When you see the artwork of Italian metal band Game Over´s new album "Burst into the quiet", you start to think if it´s a reissue of an 80´s album. This is how heavy metal albums looked like back in the 80´s, and Game Over sounds just like the Bay Area thrash metal scene with bands like Metallica, Exodus and Testament.
"Burst into the quiet" isn´t their debut album, Game Over released their first album "For humanity" in 2012 and now follow up with their 2nd release that will quench your thirst if you´re a die hard fan of thrash metal.
This is a decent piece of work, well performed and with a great production from Simone Mularoni.
I just don´t get that excited over these average songs, but I guess they´ll do just fine as a support act to let say, Megadeth.
"Metropolis Part 3" must be the shortest heavy metal song I´ve heard, it´s only 27 seconds long.

Audra Isadora - Audra Isadora

Audra Isadora - Audra Isadora (2014) Independent
Produced by Audra Isadora
Tracks : 1.Creature of desire 2.Sparrow song 3.Babooshka 4.Green 5.Creature (remix)
4 out of 5

I guess this is how Lady Gaga wanted to sound like before she got famous and started making dance music, the title of Lady Gaga´s 3rd album is Art Pop but a real art pop album sounds just New Yorker Audra Isadora´s self titled EP.
If you make a musical soup of the vintage disco of Grace Jones, the soulpop of Eurythmics and the artrock of Kate Bush - you´ll get Audra Isadora.
What a deep and gorgeous voice she has, just listen to the lead track "Creature of desire" that has everything a hitsong needs. It´s unique, interesting and unforgettable.
You can tell she´s a fan of Kate Bush since the EP contains an awesome cover of Bush´s 1980 hit "Babooshka", great choice.
Adele and Duffy, make way for a new fantastic singer.

Euphoria Audio release debut single in July

EUPHORIA AUDIO has taken their brand of Rock/Pop extensively around the UK, played packed venues in the USA; including The House Of Blues, SIR Studios and The Viper Rooms, ridden the airwaves of global radio and fit into every fans pockets through their self funded and self developed mobile phone app, which has over 3,300 downloads and building, since its launch in April 2012.

EUPHORIA AUDIO recorded their debut EP in Los Angeles with writer/producer Jeff Blue (Linkin Park) and producer Brandon Friesen (Nickelback), and has just wrapped up their debut album, teaming up once more with Brandon, which is set for a 2014 release.

Their debut single "3 seconds" will be out on iTunes on July 27th.

Kate Tucker + The Sons of Sweden - The Shape The Color The Feel

Kate Tucker + The Sons of Sweden - The Shape The Color The Feel (2014) Independent
Produced by Konrad Snyder / Jordan Lehning
Tracks : 1.Hangover 2.Give up the ghost 3.Looking around 4.Let me go 5.Big idea 6.Wide open plain 7.Best friends love 8.Blue hotel 9.The state I´m in 10.Island of the misfit
3,5 out of 5

If you have ever experienced the midnight sun and the beautiful calm around it, you´ll understand the feeling I get when I listen to Kate Tucker + The Sons of Sweden.
No, they´re not from Sweden, the only Swedish about this Nashville based band is that they are influenced by The Cardigans but also U2, The Boxer Rebellion and Cocteau Twins.
"The Shape The Color The Feel" contains 10 romantic and lovely dreampop songs, this is the result if indie pop and Brit-rock married and had a baby.
I can´t find any fillers, I like all tracks but I´m especially fond of the first three "Hangover", "Give up the ghost" and "Looking around".
Want some quality time? Then put away your smartphone and listen to this album.

This Other Eden goes moonlighting

This Other Eden are a dynamic Rock/Punk/Pop 5 piece from Perth, Western Australia. Their unique blend of genres demonstrate their vast influences, whilst not diminishing their own take on modern rock. 

Their debut EP 'SIX SEASONS' is out now and available for digital download via iTunes, GooglePlay, streaming via ReverbNation, Facebook,Spotify, CDbaby and more!! 
For physical copies contact the band and their representatives via Facebook for mail outs, or simply visit their merch shop at all live shows!
Watch the new video of "Moonlighting" at:

Among The Betrayed with the need to make a change

Everything that is great about metal and hard rock encompassed into songs that leave a lasting impression on the listener. Members have toured Canada and the U.S and have played with such acts as Our Lady Peace, The Devin Townsend Band and more recently have shared the stage with Daniel Wesley and B-Real from Cypress Hill.

Among The Betrayed are set to release their EP "The Need To Make A Change" June 2014 who was produced and engineered by Chris Hollywood Holmes (Veer Union, Korn, Ashley Tisdale). There will also be a documentary movie released which will chronicle the lives of these enigmatic characters through the process of their lives in and out of the band. 

Download "The need to make a change" for free at:

Like Thieves release Autumn´s twilight EP in July

Australian based alternative metal band Like Thieves will release their new EP "Autumn´s twilight" on July 21st. Listen to the new song "Brave the day" here:

Friday, June 27, 2014

InMe - The Destinations EP

InMe - The Destinations EP (2014) Independent
Produced by Mike Curtis
Tracks : 1.Pelorus Jack 2.Anthemusa 3.Driftwood figurines 4.Beached whales
3,5 out of 5

There are some bands that you can´t put into a certain genre which is ok, the British 4 piece InMe most often surprise me with every new release because there are no limits for Dave McPherson and Co.
You can expect anything from grunge to melodic hard rock and progressive rock to modern rock on their 5 studio albums, their new 4 track "The Destinations" EP ain´t no different.
They have announced that the band is working on a triple album for a release in 2015 so while waiting for that highly anticipated release, this EP will do just fine.
The songs aren´t as guitar dominated as their previous albums but still rocking enough to please InMe fans, I think the opener "Pelorus Jack" reminds a bit of the progressive rock band 3.
My favorite however is the more suggestive "Anthemusa" that sounds like an unreleased song by Blue October, very nice.
Bring on the triple album now guys.

Nathan Detroit - Peace of mind

Nathan Detroit - Peace of mind (2014) Saint November Records
Produced by Neil Kennedy
Tracks : 1.The way down 2.Never enough 3.I will always be a part of this world 4.Every heart
3 out of 5

Peace of mind is a great classic rock song from 1976 by Boston, but it´s also the title of U.K based rock band Nathan Detroit´s 3rd release.
I think this band has found a nice mix of emo and pop punk that bring thoughts to the early 00´s, the first single "The way down" has an infectious chorus and it´s also the best track on this 4 track EP.
However, don´t start to think the other tracks are bad because they aren´t. The feel-good factor is high when I listen to songs like "I will always be a part of this world" and "Every heart".
Good job lads.
For fans of Paper Tigers, Kid Down, Saves The Day.

The Black Tibetans keep rocknroll alive

Hailing from the center of Los Angeles, Rock N Roll band,The Black Tibetans, have released their new EP, The Nashville Session. The EP was recorded in Nashville, TN at Easy Eye Sound and produced by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys.  Auerbach also makes a musical appearance on the record. The Black Tibetans keep Rock N Roll alive with an old-school sound in a live fast die young culture.
Watch the video for "You´re cold" here:

The Black Tibetans - You're Cold - (Official Music Video) from SRCE production on Vimeo.

Swedish hardrockers Zifella release new single Open skies

ZIFELLA is a four piece alternative rock band founded out of the forests of Säffle, Sweden. With their broad set of music history and influences ranging from blues to progressive rock to heavy metal, they are composing warm and melodic songs with some weight to them.
At the moment they are adding the finishing touches to their self-titled debut album ”ZIFELLA”.
Listen to the two first singles "Mother" and "Open skies" at:

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Shortcuts : Noveria , Scamp , HanShotFirst

Noveria - Risen (2014)
"Risen" is the debut album from Italian progmetallers Noveria, featuring Emanuele Casali - Keyboards (DGM, Astra), Frank Corigliano - Vocals, Andrea Arcangeli - Bass (DGM, Solisia), Fransesco Mattei - Guitar and Omar Campitelli - Drums.
This is an album for fans of progressive modern metal, that goes hand in hand with the powermetal genre. Not that far soundwise from bands like A Hero For The World, Holy Knights and Human Cometh.
The majority of the tracks are fast but still performed with variety, it sounds like Noveria has taken their influences from the Finnish powermetal scene as well as technical progmetal a la Dream Theater.
We get a competent album that rather stick to the fast lane on the progmetal highway than slowing down to catch a glimpse of the view, well here´s your soundtrack for Autobahn.
3 out of 5

Scamp - The Deadcalm (2014)
Danish metallers Scamp´s debut album "Mirror faced mentality" (2008) won the Debut album of the year at the Danish metal music awards, and now they´re back to break the deadcalm with their 2nd album that is produced by Tue Madsen.
The new album feature their new frontman Michael Bogballe (formely of Mnemic), which is appropriate since Scamp´s modern metal goes in the same vein as Mnemic and Raunchy.
The sound is big and heavy, quite suitable for this type of metal.
The track "Organism" feels like a thousand ton tanker coming your way, when I think about it, there are moments that bring thoughts to metalcore bands like In Dying Arms and A Bullet For Pretty Boy.
Great album!
3,5 out of 5

HanShotFirst - HanShotFirst (2014)
The U.K based rock band HanShotFirst deliver a mix of pop punk, rock and post hardcore and the result on their self titled EP is quite pleasing.
I like their sense of humour in the first single "We should have killed Quaid on Mars" which by the way, is a great hardcore song. The new single "2001" is the winner here and without doubt the best track of all 5.
They will truly win over plenty of new fans with this catchy rocker, another good song worth pointing out is the melodic "Fire in the fall". That chorus grows for each time I hear it.
For fans of A Static Lullaby, Story of the year, The Blackout
3 out of 5

Rock Paper Pistols release new EP Love sick symphonies Pt.1

Singer, songwriter Denny Scott; grew up in Florida, moved to LA some years back for music. He and his twin brother Kenny were in the band Swirl 360 and had a few top 40 hits! Denny branched out on his own and started Rock Paper Pistols. He has been getting rave reviews already!

His new EP "Love Sick Symphonies Pt. I" was just released on iTunes.

Palace of Rock presents Cento

The Italian rock band Cento (ex Blue Popsicle), recently released their new single "River" on iTunes. The song is taken from their upcoming new album, out fall 2014.
This is a great song folks.

Buffalo Sunn deliver sunny pop on first single By your side

Buffalo Sunn are a 6 piece alternative pop/rock band from Dublin, Ireland. Their new single "By your side" is taken from the forthcoming debut album "By the ocean, by the sea", produced by the Grammy Award winner Pat McCarthy (U2, Counting Crows, R.E.M).

Love, Robot and Michael Jackson - They´re both BAD

Love, Robot is an alternative pop/rock band from Long Island, NY. Their new album "B.A.D" is out now, check out the lyric video of "Vice" here:

Darling Down with Taproot member, post new single

The female fronted rock band Darling Down feat. Stephen Richards of Taproot, with their first single "Pressure" taken from the upcoming album "Never tell", out July 22nd.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Kobra and The Lotus support Kiss and release new album High Priestess

Kobra and the Lotus is a Canadian heavy metal band formed in 2009 by lead vocalist and songwriter Kobra Paige.
Following their North American tour in August 2013, Kobra and guitarist Jasio Kulakowski made a beeline for Groovemaster Recording Studio in Chicago, spending the next two months with Grammy Award nominated producer Johnny K (Megadeth, Three Doors Down, Disturbed, etc.), hammering out the songs that would become the ‘High Priestess’ album. 
On top of releasing their strongest album to date, Kobra And The Lotus are kicking off what looks set to be their loudest ‘n’ proudest era yet by supporting KISS and Def Leppard across North America this summer. 
The new album "High priestess" was released on June 24, featuring the new single "Soldier".

Forever After announce Just another year

Essex pop rock quartet Forever After will release their brand new E.P on August 25th, 2014. To give you a taste of what to expect, the pop-punks have also released a lyric video for lead track 'Inhaling, Failing' which can be viewed here:

Faithsedge return with The answer of insanity this fall

After the critically acclaimed debut album, Faithsedge return this fall with ‘The Answer Of Insanity’ on Scarlet Records. Featuring singer/songwriter Giancarlo Floridia, former Dokken lead guitarist Alex De Rosso, drummer Tony Morra (Van Zant) and two of the best keyboard players in melodic rock, Eric Ragno (Trixter /Fergie Frederiksen) and Alessandro Del Vecchio (Hardline), ‘The Answer Of Insanity’ is simply a perfect mix of hard rock, heavy metal and progressive, with plenty of melodic old school hooks, concept songwriting and stripped-down edgy in your face production to rebel back at current trends and fads in the music business. Produced by Fabrizio Grossi (Steve Vai/Steve Lukather) and mastered by Peter Doell (David Lee Roth/Richard Marx) at Universal Mastering in Los Angeles, the album will be available starting from September 1st in Europe and September 2nd in the rest of the world.
Listen to the first single ‘Comes Crushing Down’ here:

Hybrid Circle - A matter of faith

Hybrid Circle - A matter of faith (2014) Independent
Produced by Simone DiCicco / Alessandro Mitelli
Tracks : 1.Son of Galileo 2.My twins 3.The impossible 4.Age of rationality 5.Science fiction 6.The Parallax 7.Digi-Christ 8.Eternity 9.Trial of trust : Arrival on Titan 10.Trial of trust : Colony of salvation 11.Trial of trust : The giant leap 12.Head up
3,5 out of 5

The Italian 6 piece Hybrid Circle has an interesting sound, they blend progressive metal with melodic death metal and electronica. Imagine Pagan´s Mind meets Soilwork on a picnic at the home of Vangelis and you´ll get the new album "A matter of faith".
They debuted with "Before history" in 2012 and last year, HC started working on their 2nd album which will be available as free download from June 30th.
I embrace the crystal clear sound and just adore the razorsharp guitars, this is a metal force to be reckoned with. As a bonus we get a powerful cover of "Head up" from Deftones 2nd album "Around the fur" but it´s hardly one of the highlights on this 44 minute long album.
My favorites can be found amongst this band´s own material such as "Science fiction", "My twins" and "The Parallax".
Play it loud!

Pvris release new single St.Patrick

The alternative rock trio Pvris has signed with Rise Records, their new single "St.Patrick" is available on iTunes now.
Listen here:

Little Big League / Ovlov - Split

Little Big League / Ovlov - Split (2014) Tiny Engines Records
Produced by Little Big League / Ovlov
Tracks : 1.Little Big League - Year of the sunhouse 2.Little Big League - Pure bliss choices 3.Ovlov - The great crocodile
2 out of 5

Tiny Engines Records will release a split "7" in July between Philadelphia´s Little Big League and Newtown´s Ovlov, we´re talking 90´s indie rock here where the female fronted Little Big League sounds like a garage rock version of Hole.
We get two short tracks from LBL where the 2nd one "Pure bliss choices" is a bit stronger, the production is a bit thin though.
There are more muscles in the sound from noise rockers Ovlov, their 5 minute long tune is built around screaming guitars. I think of Jack White jamming with Sonic Youth while listening to "The great crocodile". It ain´t that bad really, the entire split feels a bit uneven however.

Valerie Gentile to release music video for single, Scarred

Industrial rock star Valerie Gentile (of The Cruxshadows, Black Tape for a Blue Girl and Angelspit) has launched her career in the solo artist world and premiered her music video for single, “Scarred”. The track hailed from the extremely successful Kickstarter-funded album “Love is Luxury”. Valerie has partnered up with AltSounds to give fans a visual treat to pair with her already well-received single.

Immigrant Union post new single I can´t return

Take Brent DeBoer of The Dandy Warhols and pair him with four more of the most talented and hard-working young Melbourne-based musicians today. Forged through a chance drunken meeting between DeBoer and Bob Harrow (The Lazy Sons), their shared love of music led to a trip to the country and an all night jam, solidifying a friendship that would form the basis of Immigrant Union.
Watch the video of the first single "I can´t return", from Immigrant Union´s 2nd full length "Anyway" here:

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I thank you

I haven´t checked the stats for my blog Palace of Rock for a while and now it seems that it has taken rocket speed, I was waiting to reach 1 million views anyday but instead it seems like I´ve gotten the wrong numbers here.
The right stats are in fact 2,791,026 views. I´m not kidding, I checked it twice and I am amazed.
A million thanks to you all and a special thank you to Philippe Valleix in France for being a true rock detective and finding all these new bands that I´m posting here.

Linkin Park - The Hunting Party

Linkin Park - The Hunting Party (2014) Warner Bros
Produced by Mike Shinoda / Brad Delson / Rob Cavallo
Tracks : 1.Keys to the kingdom 2.All for nothing 3.Guilty all the same 4.The summoning 5.War 6.Wastelands 7.Until it´s gone 8.Rebellion 9.Mark the graves 10.Drawbar 11.Final masquerade 12.A line in the sand
4 out of 5

I must confess that I wasn´t much of a fan of Linkin Park´s electronic oriented albums between 2007-2012 at first but I have changed my mind, I recently listened to all their albums and now I have a 2nd opinion and I really like how they have developed their sound from their enormous numetal debut to the experimental modern rock sound of the previous album "Living things" from 2012.
They always put out no.1 albums and their 6th studio offering "The hunting party" will be no exception, because they know what the fans want and they keep giving it to them.
This time around, LP rocks harder than they´ve done in a long time and I think it´s a smart move.
I´m certainly joining this hunting party.
Highlights : Final Masquerade, Rebellion, Wastelands, Until it´s gone

Rise Against don´t want to be here anymore

Chicago based punkrock band Rise Against will release their 7th studio album "The Black Market" on July 15th, listen to the first single "I don´t want to be here anymore" at:

The Color Morale show their outer demons

Post hardcore band The Color Morale release new lyric video of their new single "Outer demons", taken from the upcoming album "Hold on pain ends".

Diamante won´t hesitate to bite your kiss

Teen Rocker DIAMANTE kicks off 2014 with back to back singles on the January Billboard Hot Singles Sales Charts, with "SAVAGE" at #5 and "BURNS" at #6, peaking to #3 in May with the newest hit release "BITE YOUR KISS." She just scored Best Rock Song at the 2014 Indie Music Channel Awards with "BURNS." 
Check out the new video "Bite your kiss" from the "Bite your kiss" EP here: